First taste of Orange

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  1. After spending way too much time lurking, reading, and learning soooo much about H here, I got my first little taste of Orange today.
    I have a feeling it's going to be a slippery slope from here on out ;)

    First, the obligatory shot of the boxes

    Little glimpse...


    And an impromptu 'modeling' shot.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. Congrats! That's a beautiful scarf and you will find that scarf ring to be very versatile...
  3. isn't this orange delicious? Congrats on your lovely purchases!!
  4. Gorgeous scarf & scarf ring!
    What's the name of the scarf?
  5. Congrats on your H Kat4, bless you for doing a speedy reveal!! Lovely scarf and the ring will serve you well for many years to come!!
  6. beautiful! welcome to the orange side!
  7. Oh what a beautiful scarf and it looks great on you with your scarf ring too.

    Let the slipping down the Hermes Slippery Slope begin!
  8. Very lovely! May there be many more :yahoo:

    The scarf is called Finish, I think, and it's a 70cm silk twill vintage design
  9. Love that design and it looks lovely on you!
  10. Congratulations! Orange has never been such a beautiful color before entering the H world...:graucho:
  11. Gorgeous! Eliselady is lusting after the same scarf
  12. Congratulations! Lovely scarf, looks great on you and I really love your scarf ring :smile:
  13. Thank you for your kind comments ladies!

    pursecrzy the name of the design is Finish as hypoxia said.

    I like it so much I may just have to get another one in a different colorway:graucho:
    Oh, and I was stunned at how heavy the metal scarf rings are, hence my decision for the horn one. Plus, as pointed out by some of you, it's very versatile.
  14. Very nice choices! You will find that this is only the beginning..
  15. Simply beautiful......well done. Congrats!:yahoo: