First Suhali??--L'Fabuleaux or L'Ingenieux

  1. I hope I didnt spell those wrong in the title. I am totally new to Suhali. I never ever thought I would even consider buying one of these bags because of the price.

    But after looking at pics of the Suhali club I'm sold. I want one. I prefer white. :heart:

    Which is the best buy??

    I like the L'fab because it can be carried on the shoulder and that is always always a plus. But the L'Ingeneux is sharp looking too and less pricey

    I have never tried on one in person. i plan on doing that soon. But i wanted to get your opinions too
  2. i would say the L'Ingenieux, because it's less common than the Le Fabuleux. i love it in white too; it's in my wish list right now :nuts:!
  3. personally, i prefer the L'Ingenieux because i dislike bags that are too "boxy." are you looking for a shoulder bag or a hand bag?
  4. Both are GREAT... Hmmm... I say Le Fab... maybe black?
  5. ^^^It does not really matter. Sometimes I get annoyed by my handbags when i'm shopping or trying to multi-task. But its not that big of a deal. I just know shoulder bags are more convenient.

    I have noticed though that the LV bags that i adore most seem to be handgags. They need to get better on their shoulder bags.
  6. Le fab!!!
  7. le fab! in black or brown... but the white is also TDF!
  8. Definitely the le fab, in white !
  9. The L'Ingenieux in white is TDF ;) I also took a look of the Suhali section and after I saw the L'Epanoui GM white Suhali that Yeuxhonnetes owns and Canalois the Le Fabuleux in White I was like OMG these bags are so chic especially in white + keykey36 + shalomjude L'Ingenieux in white is :love: to die for :nuts:

    I would say the more practical would be the Fabuleux :Pbut the more Stylish and Elegant in my opinion would be the L'Ingenieux :love::flowers:
  10. ^^Thanks!! That's the kind of feedback that I'm looking for.

    So why do you think the L'Ingenieux is more elegant and the L'Fab is more practical? I am a Suhali virgin so you have to teach me :lol:
  11. Not really. Both are common. I vote for Le Fab. in plume or blue.:love: I own the blue one. One of my LV wish list now is Le Fab. in plume. :nuts:
  12. Thanks for all the opinions but I'm set on WHITE :wlae:

    I'm just trying to figure out which bag will be the best purchase. I doubt I could ever own both. Well, i could but I can't see myself doing it anytime soon. Too pricey $$$

    So keep the opinions coming. Which one and WHY? :smile:
  13. Le Fab is at the top of the suhalis basically.

    So I say get that if your considering btwn the two
    btw if your relatively tall I think the Le Fab is superb. I am too short I think the le fab is like a gaint hehe but I adore it
  14. Btw a black Le Fab = everyday wear
    I think a white Le Fab might not get as much use but if your set on white its still gorgeous
  15. I Love The Le Fab!!! I Really Want White.....But, I Should Go For The Black!!! Both????? :smile: