First Step

  1. Hello all,

    I have been reading your board with interest for a while and thought that it might be good to introduce myself in this Hermes section, since this is my special interest!

    I live in Hungary, am a German national and am completely obsessed with Hermes. What I love about them is that they started as a saddler, since I am an active equestrian, I am also very much drawn to their equestrian products.

    I have started collecting scarves, I now own a bunch of them, and some Hermes jewellery. I have always wanted to own a Birkin and since we don't have an Hermes boutique in town (Budapest), Vienna is the closest option. I know that sooner or later I will own that bag.

    Today I phoned the H store in Vienna and asked how to go about it, they said that until fall the order lists are closed since they couldn't even get enough supplies from Paris when they went there last week. However, I am invited to order again come this fall, so a couple of weeks away, which coincides with my next visit to Vienna. I am looking forward to deciding on the leather and the size! The shop assistant said 'for sure you want a black' and when I said that I am also open to other colours there seemed to be a silver lining on the horizon :smile:

    I find this forum to be very informative, I have learned a lot already and I am looking forward to 'shallowly obsessing' over our mutual passion with all of you!

    Greetings from Hungary,
  2. Welcome Claudia! :flowers:
  3. Hello Claudia, and welcome!!!:flowers:
  4. Hello Claudia. Welcome!!
  5. Welcome aboard, Claudia!!!
  6. herzlich willkommen und viel spass hier mit uns hermès verückten :flowers:
  7. Claudia, great to have you join us!:yes:
  8. Welcome, welcome, welcome...are glad to have you with us Claudia and to have met you! Have fun...we all love to chat!
  9. Welcome!!!
  10. Welcome, Claudia! It's nice to meet you......come chat with us anytime!!!!! :yes: :flowers:
  11. welcome to the madness claudia :smile:
  12. :biggrin: Claudia - so great to have you here! Actually, your Birkin news is VERY encouraging. The simple fact that they offered to help you so earnestly in the fall is wonderful news! So, what color and leather is your dream Birkin?
  13. Welcome Claudia!!! Glad you joined us! This place is almost as addictive as Hermes!
  14. froh fandest du uns.
  15. Welcome, Claudia, not only to our Hermes thread but to the entire Purse Forum!