First Spy purchase or Chloe Bay??? Help!

  1. Hello, it is my first time posting in the Fendi forum. I saw the tan or honey colored wisteria Spy bag and have been thinking hmmmmm...... but I just recently bought the Chloe Bay hobo bag in Moka. I have not used the Chloe yet, so theoretically I could return it and get a Spy. I can't keep both because the BF has recently picked up on any new bags. I used to just tell him "Oh, I have had this forever. I haven't worn it in 9 months so maybe that is why you thought it was new" :graucho: . So which one should it be???? Thank you!
  2. I think the honey wisteria spy is always a good choice, but I have no clue which Chloe you are referring to, can you post a photo? Is it the Paddington hobo or ? :confused1:
  3. Get the Spy! As much as I do like a lot of Chloe styles, they invariably go on sale later in the season and you can get them for 50% off. That hasn't happened to most spies. Not to mention how gorgeous the honey wisteria is. It's a no contest, imo. Good luck and please post pics when you do decide.

  4. I was in the same situation a couple months ago... I saw the Bay bag online and it wasn't out in stores yet so I went ahead and got the Spy and I'm very happy with my decision. I saw the Bay a few weeks later and although its beautifulllll, the Spy is the Spy and you can't get better than that :yes:
  5. Spy for its uniqueness.
  6. I know I'm biased but I pick the wisteria spy ... BTW, I'm also a Chloe lover but I pick the spy because it is very beautiful IRL!
  7. The bay is a nice looking bag, but the spy is "wow" -- especially with the wisteria flowers. I would go for the wisteria spy, but I feel like they are pretty different bags.
  8. spy spy and more spies
  9. I am biased and going to say SPY for sure. You will not regret it, I reckon it's a classic and you will definitely reach for it time and time again. Trust me.......
  10. I would choose the Spy for sure :love: They are sooo unique and the leather is absolutely amazing!! Like the other girls have said, you can probably get a chloe later on as they are often on sale :smile:
  11. I am a massive Chloe fan and have Bay bags (quilted and non-quilted) and a Spy. I have to agree that if I could only have one or the other then I would pick the Spy :heart: It is a must have IMO :yes:
  12. i voted for spy.
  13. spy, for sure!! :graucho:
  14. How does the size of the Spy compare to the Chloe Bay tote??
  15. Spy