First me choose

  1. I have likes the spy for a while now but always thought it would be a bid too feminine for me (it just has an "arabian nights" look to me....);)
    But the more I see them the more I want one. :drool:
    I actually need a bigger black bag and have been thinking about a black spy, and I thanks to this sub found one at an ok price but I also saw the denim one and think it's just gorgeous and then there is cognac...oh help.

    I do dress rather casual and I am a mother of three and a sahm.
    I wear a lot of denim diff blue tones, grey, black, khaki, beige, white...I don't want to get carried away as I have been in the past buying bags I actually never used.
  2. Well, joma has the denim and black for a good price! My friend think the leather spy's front handle thing reminds him of the know their beards!:roflmfao: He calls it the "pharaoh bag". Anyway, most members on here will probably recommends the black or cognac, I like the denim and black more than cognac though. All of them can be used casually, although the denim may be a little flashy with the rhinestones. Don't know though because I haven't seen the '07 one in real life. The '06 squirrel denim was nice to look at but didn't look good on me. So a safe choice is the black I guess, unless you prefer browns or want the beautiful limited denim! My advice always confuses people, sorry if I've done it again!
  3. i would say cognac.... really shows off the spy's beautiful leather. black is good, too. i'm not really a fan of the denim. for me most of the attraction of the spy lies in the beautiful leather, so the fabric bags are a little less exciting.
  4. Black or Cognac
  5. ITA with Litigatrix ... I do prefer the leather ones over the fabric ones. Black and Cognac are both gorgeous colors ... either one would be perfect!
  6. I wear casual clothes & a lot of the same colors as you do. I actually prefer the brown toned nappa spy bags for every day use, either Cognac or Chocolate. I have a black spy, but it seems somehow more formal to I don't hardly use it at all. Its not quite as interesting to me with jeans, the black. You should also take a look at Zucca Zucca spy or zucca nappa spy - some don't like the monogram fabric, but I love it & it really looks good with my casual wear. Just my 2 cents...:nuts:
  7. Thanks ladies, I will exclude the blue denim spy even if I love to look at it. I think it's probably the kind of bag I would end up looking at way more than wearing it.
    I like the choco but have a choco Paddy I adore. So it's between cognac and black. I imagine the cognac looking more striking with jeans etc...if I listen to myself I would end up with only brown bags, but black is actually more "needed" in my wardrobe...hmmm.
    I mailed joma to see how they deal with int. shipping. Has anyone in europe bought from them?
  8. I'm not in europe but I have bought from them and it only took 7.5 days for them to send it to Australia. As for first colour, black and cognac is an excellent choice. You could add the honey to that as well.
  9. Cognac My first choice, and I don't regret it!:tup:

  10. hmmm I start to tend more into that direction...just really "cool" and easy to carry, the black might me less stunning...?

    oh but that's what I said about Bal and Chloé as well so I kind of never end up with black...:confused1::p!

  11. I asked about int. shipping but there is an extra 4% processing fee shipping is around $75 and if hit by customs since they fully insure and it's "merchandise" I might end up with an extra 30% which kills the deal. :crybaby:
  12. Has anyone in the UK ordered from Jomashop?
    If so what duties did you pay?

    I notice that for handbags it is between 3-9.7% duties + 17.5% VAT.

    I ordered 2 x Botkier bags from the Botkier website a couple of years ago and i don't remember being charged a massive amount extra - i'll have to see if I can find any receipts.
  13. My vote is for COGNAC (esp. if you dress casual and wear denim)!

  14. You made me think....! I think we might have similar tastes, the cognac is just striking with denim I might enjoy it more than the black...hmmm I think I have made my choice now I just need to find a good deal, wish me luck!:yes:
  15. I say go for the cognac, but I am a brown lover. Also, I agree that you might consider the honey color. I adore mine.