First Spy...Cognac vs. Black

  1. I'm looking to buy my first Spy Bag but am having a hard time deciding between the Cognac and Black. I really need a classy black bag, but the Cognac is so rich and luscious. I have owned brown bags in the past and they just sit in my closet. What to do?
  2. The Cognac is a beautiful look indeed. But if you say you have brown bags that you don't use, might consider the black. Although, some say the black tends to look a little formal, while the cognac goes better with jeans. Only get the cognac if you promise to USE IT!!!

    I personally own the honey, which works with formal and casual attire. I can wear it with black or brown, and it seems to work. I had to decide b/w honey and cognac, and I'm so glad I chose honey.:heart:

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. Cognac is gorgeous but if you need a black bag then go for the black Spy it's lovely.
  4. I have the black and love it...but because it works better with my it's up to you...

    but i do have a questions.i've always looked at fendi spy bags as is the black one more formal? what do u mean formal? would it be possible to wear it to parties or even weddings? thx
  5. I Have a Cognac, and I totally Adore her! So COGNAC!

    my opinion of course:yes:
  6. Perhaps formal is the wrong word. Instead I'll say that black is less casual than the cognac. Probably easier to dress up. That's all!
  7. I like the black because I "need" black but I really think the cognac is prettier and more unique as well is it attracts the eye but is that what I want???
  8. COGNAC!!! I think that color was made for a spy!!!:love: