first Spring purchase?

  1. So since there are so many new absolutely amazing bags in the Spring collection :drool:... I was just wondering what everyone is leaning toward purchasing? It's such a hard choice and I haven't made any final decisions, but I am definately crushing on the Calf Leather shoulder bag and the Nappa Leather hobo that are on Like I said, no final decisions... I need a bit more time.. but :drool::drool::drool::love:
  2. I spent all my cash on the sales. But if I were going to get a Spring Choo, it would be the black Roxie in drummed leather! I saw it at a Choo boutique this past weekend. :nuts:
  3. wow....what a question to ask me this morning:push:...spent the day in nyc. went to Saks, bg, and two choo search of my spring bag....guess what? i am hopelessly and completely confused and disillusioned....i really, really liked a coupla bags,:yes: i did not LOVE anything:nogood:...did not get that feeling....omg! gotta have it!:shrugs:

    i don't know what i'm doing for spring. i'll get back to you.;)
    i do think both of your choices are terrific--please let us know what you decide upon!:flowers:
  4. ^^I'm with you Mick. Between the Choo Cruise and Spring lines I saw several bags that I liked, some I liked a lot, but I didn't LOVE any of them. :shrugs:

    So for me it's my Nude Ring for Spring as well as a Rouge VIF City bbag I picked up a few months ago and have yet to use. :tup:

    But no Dumbo for you? Did you see it IRL? Darn, I was so looking forward to all the fun we were going to have with that bag! :lol:

    I still say I much prefer the biker leather to the drummed. :heart: Ah well....I suppose change is inevitable! :hrmm:
  5. hey stinker.....the mink riki was very pretty actually.:yes: in person, i think even you may have liked it!:p
    just was not totally doing it for me:shrugs:.....i'm not sure what it is....:push:

    i'm very confused.....i have money buring a hole in my pocket...well, ya know , not really,:rolleyes: but i did plan on getting a spring bag. and it is not justchoo either, bc i went to chanel as well, and not feeling anything.....:sad:
  6. Sounds like a fun day Mick. I have been on similar shopping trips where it was alot of fun but I ended my day feeling less than inspired and thrilled by what I had seen.

    Stinkerbelle, your Rouge City sounds beautiful!

    My first Spring purchase? Well, it was the Zebra Saba but then I realized it was great in concept but not a wise buy for me at 3k. I don't have any immediate plans for purchasing a new bag but I do have an idea what it will be for me this year:graucho: (later...much later in the year)

    I have officially run out of room and don't really have a void in my handbag collection as far as putting together "looks", and I am really enjoying the JCs that I have. So, I honestly do not see a new Choo in 08 for me. I do look forward to seeing what you ladies will choose though;)
  7. Does that mean it will not be gracing your presence? :shrugs: I saw the medium Saba at the Chicago Choo and for some reason it felt too small for me.

    Now Samantha...fess up! Shoes have taken up all that room.:boxing:
  8. I did take a look at the Mink Riki on yesterday and it is much more taupe than the photo we saw here showed. I liked the actual color MUCH better! :tup:

    I think my favorite bags of '08 are the Cream Ring/Riki but I'm afraid the color is much too light for me, it is beautiful though! :heart: And I really like the Navy drummed leather Ramona that is being offered as a pre-sale on BG. I love the color and the drummed leather just seems to work really well in Navy. Alas, I'm not a Ramona fan....I have one and I prefer the smaller Riki.

    As for finding a bag Mick, I think that happens with shopping sometimes. You see so much you just get overwhelmed and then decide to pass on everything! :blah: In the next few days one or two of the bags you saw may keep popping into your head and you'll decide that it was indeed "the" bag! :girlsigh:

    I'm just glad you had a safe trip and you didn't cause any kind of ruckus while you were in NYC. I myself kept looking to the southwest for the tell-tale mushroom cloud that I thought for sure would alert me that you had made it to NYC with your usual arsenal! :sos:
  9. ^^ thanks stinker:heart:...yeah, i'm mulling everything over and hoping to figure out my spring bag dilemma.:sweatdrop:
    i behaved in nyc, but no one was groping my bags, so i had no need to bring out the rocket launcher....:boxing:
  10. I, too am not really impressed with the new colors/styles. I am not a fan of white or cream bags, at least not in that price range. I think I am satisfied with what I have right now and maybe when the sales come along I'll grab a steal then. My little turquoise maddy and a bright pink Vivia Ferragamo bag will be my spring jolt of color.
    But I was really looking foreward to seeing all your new bags...Choo ladies:crybaby:
  11. Hi JC GALS, I am new to this forum-but am a little excited about a clutch i saw online @Saks/ its called ZULU and is black with gold studs -love it.
    anyone seen it-its hard to buy by site un seen-help!!!
  12. I just pre-ordered the navy drummed leather ramona today. Couldn't help myself, but :angel:I think I am done for a while.
  13. ^THAT is my favorite drummed leather bag.....LOVE the color! :love: I do like the Cream too, but way too light to be practical for me. :tdown:

    I'm sure you're going to love the bag!! :heart:
  14. The cream is the one I saw at the Choo boutique today and I love it but agree it is not practical for me. It would be brown by the end of my first week with it. Can't wait to get navy dumbo!!
  15. Aww...The navy doesn't look like a dumbo! It's a beautiful bag and if I were going to get a drummed leather bag, that would be it! :tup: