First spotting of Die-Hard LV fan in MY LV boutique!!

  1. :p I forgot to tell you guys what happened at LV yesterday.

    There was this Japanese lady who was trying on the Patchwork Speedy, I thought to myself, this is pretty normal, 70% of the people who walk in this store is Asian, not including the SA's..........The lady was wearing Seven jeans, Christian Louboutons, and she was TOTALLY rocking a blue L'Epanoui PM!! I was standing right next to her when the SA said "Wow.........I really cant belive you flew ALL THE WAY OVER FROM JAPAN to get this bag"! :nuts: :nuts:....The Japanese woman replied
    " Yes, this bag is ALL sold out in Japan....My friend had both of these bags, and I fell in love with them!"

    In the end, the lady bought both the Bowly and the Speedy, a Suhali Lockit, and one of those Cloud bags

    Can you belive that she FLEW over to Washington DC to pick up her bags? :nuts:

    There really are some Die-Hard LV fans out there!
  2. WOW that is Die hard!!
  3. Now, if I only had that kind of money to go half way around the world and go on a 10k LV shopping spree, I would be UBER excited!!!
  4. Wow that is a little insane
  5. ^^ yup
  6. wow!
  7. She should join the PF!!! :nuts:
  8. OMG!!! :sweatdrop:
  9. impressive!! too bad she didn't have a tPF secret sign charm on her. ;)
  10. ^^ Juan, thats exactly what I was thinking! :nuts:
  11. It's kind of cool though!
  12. Wow, wish I could do that!
  13. NICE!!! I love that! I wish I was that fabulous. :sad: FUN story.
  14. WOW!!! I wish i could be like her =(
  15. That's amazing!!
    At the rate I am going, that someday may come.....:lol: