First spotted in MTV commercial!

  1. It's 8:45 am and I'm sitting here watching Parental Control on MTV and a commercial for the MTV Music Awards comes on with Jessica Alba fact #82 where she kicks ass against the paparazzi. The guy she's beating up says, "we were after her!" Jessica looks and it's Nicole Richie with a yellow first or an apple green first in bad lighting (I couldn't really tell). Nicole says, "Thanks *****." :lol:
  2. I love Nicole Richie. Shes fabulous!
  3. same here nikki213. she's got class compared to paris hilton... and her bbags' tdf
  4. I saw this the other night and thought it was a mustard first. I yelled B-bag! I'll pay close attention next time it's on...
  5. I saw that too.I pointed it out to my BF too. He just rolled eyes
  6. I love when she says "thanks *****" hahahah
    she said that like 1000x during the simple life MUAHAH
    shes fab! I love her gutsy attitude.
  7. thank god she found rachel zoe.
  8. I saw the commercial too. At first sight, I thought it was her own mustard First, which was also featured in one of the Simple Life episodes!