First Speedy Purchase-Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. Greetings everyone! this is my first thread in LV Forum, if there's similar thread, please kindly referr them to me:shame:

    I am thinking about getting my first Speedy- Damier Azur Speedy as X-mas gift to my self(what elses can be a 'legit' reason to spoil myself? lol), but not sure about 25 or 30. i like the size of 25, but i think the handle is a bit too big on it, making it look some what out of balance-top heavy? The handles looks just right w/30, except i've seen how it 'sagged'/'deformed' as people stuff it up (what's so havy in 30 to stretch the canvas so much!?!!?)

    A little background of myself:
    23 pre-med student (don't ask why i changed major at my senior.....><)
    5'6, size 4, Asian w/black hair, don't over stuff my bag--->all my essentials fits perfectly in my beat up Sonatine.

    Thank you all ladies and gents!
  2. Both sizes sag be honest....alot of people put a magazine in the bottom to help.

    I like the 30.
  3. i'm 5'4" and Asian too :P, and the Speedy 25 is just right on me, and in fact that's the ONLY size that works for me. i put a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the bag to prevent the sagging, and a medium Purseket to retain its shape. the handles don't make it look top-heavy at all
  4. the speedy in azur looks so much cuter in 25.........
  5. 25!!! I have something with that size :roflmfao: . It looks so nice and I carry an awful lot inside it :heart:
    I do agree that the Azur looks better in 25... I will get mine after the Christmas madness (and after recuperating from the Damier Keepall & Damier Azur mini pochette I just bought!!) :love:
  6. Definitely the 25. I'm 5'0 though, so carrying a 30 makes it look like I'm carrying luggage !
  7. 25! I love both of mine :biggrin:
  8. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! I'm 5'1, tried on the 30 and I just thought it was way overwhelming on my small frame.

    I use my purseket so it holds up the structure.. but I don't mind a little sag.
  9. The 25!!! If it sounds like you don't need the bigger purse. I'm happy with the Speedy 25 Mono Purse. I want a Damier Azur Speedy 25. :yes:
  10. I know what you mean about the proportion of the handles to the size of the bag, I personally like the look of the canvas 30 speedies better too. Can you try them on to see which one looks best on you? What about the epi speedy? The Epi 25 is actually 27.5 and I think the proportions on it are perfect. :love:
  11. I would go for the 25.
  12. I'm a 25 fan!!!
  13. I just purchased my first LV, a Speedy 25 and I love it! I am 24, Asian, 5'4", size 2/4 and the 25 is a perfect size for me. I use a purseket, which helps utilize the space inside the bag and it minimizes the sagging problem.
  14. ITA ....much more feminine than 30

  15. U C Steph, i didn't really noticed until my bf said 25 have a wobble head(handle,,,guys:Push: ), and 30 seems to have a 'good head on its shoulder'....:sweatdrop:, then i got anal about it too. Hum....most of Asian ladies fall in the perfect peite frame(150 cm-160cm) for 25, i was told for my height (169cm) will look better w/30, except i have the slanted narrow shoulders(starps fall off shoulder, can't carry a shoulder purse when i have backpack on....:'().
    Although 30 have better vertical ratio w/me, the horizontal focal point slightly broden my waist since that's where it hang. so it's like 30 is good for my height and 25 looks good at waist line....grrr
    I do love epi speedy, bue i think it's a bit formal for my age, besides I already have a tangiren jasmine. my goal is to get just ONE classic piece of each material, so i don't duplicate same style w/different's very fortune of you ladies who can afford that but as for now, i am being realstic to my budget-i hate feeding credit card's robbing interest!