First Speedy Purchase- help me pick

  1. :confused1: I am in between the Azur 30 or the Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30 which looks fabulous. I neeed a change from the monogram and on wait list for the damier neverfull. :supacool:
  2. AZUR!!!!!!!

    ...but i would go into a boutique and try them on and see what you like better, cause that way u can see it in real life and try it on and really look at it!
  3. Definitely get the Azur 30. I mean, that's what I would do.
  4. Hm.... lots of people debate the same thing! You will probably end up getting both, they are so gorgeous and so different! But seriously, if you are trying to decide which one to get first, get the Azur 30! It's a super-fun bag for the summer!
  5. Mini Lin in ebene, they're stunning. I worry how the Azur looks once the patina darkens..
  6. Azur!! Even with patina, it's still adorable :nuts:
  7. Mini Lin!!!!! No Vachetta!!!!!!!
  8. Mini Lin.:heart:
  9. azur!!!
  10. Mini Lin -- love the fabric and no vachetta!
  11. Mini Lin FOR SURE..not a fan of the azur at all, just my opinion:smile::smile: I am biased because I have the mini lin, such a worry free beautiful bag:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Mini Lin!!!!
  13. azur! but i agree that you should try both and see which you like better.
  14. Azur :yes:
  15. Azur, not a big fan of the mini lin line.