First Speedy - Mono, Damier or Mini Lin?

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  1. Need some advice here.
    I'm planning to get my first speedy but can't make up my mind to get it in Mono, Damier Ebony or Mini Lin Ebony. Which 1 will you get?
  2. my first speedy was an ebene mini lin. I loved it so much my 2nd speedy was the dune mini lin. I just recently got a mono speedy.

    I love that there is no vachetta on the mini lin.
  3. Thanks beljwl!
    Just to check with you, does mini lin speedy come with the padlock?
  4. Mono.
  5. My first speedy was the Damier. I love it!
  6. I don't have a Speedy, but I suggest you a's easy, free maintenance and so classy!!:heart:
  7. Mini Lin....i love my Mono Speedy but the Mini Lin will be my next. I love the thought of no vachetta to worry about.
  8. My favorite Speedy is the Damier Ebene! So I vote for that!
  9. My Speedy is Damier Ebene and I LVoe it so there's my vote.
    Good luck!
  10. I have a Damier Azur---but my vote is Damier Ebene.
  11. I would go w/ mini lin ebene or damier ebene. I have the mono speedy 30 and honestly I love it BUT everyone has one. The other two are a little more under the radar. Plus there are so many cool mono bags, whereas the damier and mini lin imho look stunning in speedy form and are my favorite in that style, but then again I am a speedy lover!
  12. I've got mono, damier, and epi speedies- my favorite is damier!
  13. I'd go for Damier. Mini Lin's nice but my lock stained the sides of the speedy. So sad...and ew.
  14. I have the mono speedy buy I say the Damier.
  15. I'd go for the Mono