First Speedy?? Help me decide

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I haven't posted much in this section, but here is my brief little story.

    I just love bags in general and I bounce around to different brands. I have a really lot of Coach and MK because I love them both and in college it was pretty affordable. Now that I work full time, I like to treat myself to one bag a year that is kind of "at the next level".

    Last year I got the Fendi baguette and it is the perfect bag for going out at night, but I want this year's gift to myself to be a little more practical and everyday so I am considering the LV Mono Speedy.

    My likes about the Speedy:

    -The size
    -The shape
    -"Classic" look
    -Price range

    I am sure a bulk of you in this section have a speedy. How much do you love it? Is it a good everyday bag?

    My other issue is, I don't mind putting Coach or MK on the floor (say when I am at work) but my Fendi and my one other LV bag I sort of baby and I hate to see them hit them floor. If I got a Speedy, I would want to probably bring it to work sometimes. I work in an office and it's carpeted, but I still worry lol. Does anyone else bring the Speedy to work? Can it survive the floor?


  2. Epi speedy would be good I think :smile:
  3. I have another question that just came to mind...

    What is the difference between the 25, 30 and 35?? Is it just ths size and price? Or is it meant to look a little different?

    I seem to find myself most attracted to the 30 for some odd reason.
  4. The mono or damier speedy would definitely survive the floor because of the dark and durable coated canvas! :tup:
  5. I love my speedy 30 in mono. I used to baby it at first, but soon realized it's a really sturdy bag and can handle being put on the floor. Glad to hear your work place is carpet, it'll be fine. Out of all my bags I use the speedy the most. It holds a lot of stuff and I don't really worry about it getting dirty or 'hurt'. I don't abuse it, but I don't baby it like my other bags. I totally have to baby my chanel cambon and MJ blake because they get scratched really easily which is why I hardly use them.
  6. i keep my speedy locked in my desk drawer - you just never know if someone is out to steal purses
  7. 25, 30 and 35 are the sizes...

    imo it's a pretty bag and def. a classic.

    but honestly i don't find it too practical for everyday bag, but thatd epends on ur line of work too.
    if u just have to go to the office and sit, it's very comfy.
    but my line of work made me go from one place to another and another and another in a day, and sometimes i have to do a lot of shopping so speedy is not very practical for me. i kinda need both of my hands, to browse the clothes in racks and also to bring shopping bags :p
  8. I love my speedies - I have four! So that tells you how wonderful the bag is! And they are great everyday bags IMO. The mono can definitely survive the floor! It's pretty care-free.

    The 25, 30, and 35 are all the different sizes, but there isn't a big difference in price.

    I would recommend the 30 or 35.. the opening of the 25 is too small IMO
  9. That's always a good point. I am going to look into that. I actually think there IS something I can lock it in.

    And if anyone is going to the KOP trip, this is probably when I will buy this bag, so you get to see all the fun lol :wlae:
  10. The 30 size is really great you can fit your daily essentials plus anything extra. Its not heavy even when you fill it.

    I use it as an everyday bag and love it!

    I tried babying it for a while but its so durable (the monogram) that I don't actually need to. I'd totally recommend the monogram, you don't need to baby it, you can put it on the carpet and not worry it won't get dirty.. its really great!

    If you don't want to deal with vachetta then go for the damier though that would be the most durable.
  11. Thanks everyone.

    Yeah, the 25 does seem a little too small, but I will definately try all 3 on at the store. Just from the pictures, I am thinking the 30. The price difference between the smallest and largest doesn't bother me so it won't have to effect the decision.
  12. I have the 25 in Damier and the Mirage which is a 30. My goodness, let me tell you when I first got the Mirage I thought it looked huge! My DH even commented that it looked like a carry on piece of luggage! Then I got used to it and now my 25 looks teeny! I love both sizes and consider both extremely durable and bags that you do not have to worry about in the least. I put mine on the carpeted floor in my office all the time and never worry. You will not be disappointed with this bag at all! Love, love, love the Speedy! Oh, and I will see you in K o P!
  13. I have the 25 in mono and really wish I had gotten a 30! But I still love my lil' Speedy. I take her to work all the time and I'm in a carpeted workplace so there's no problem at all putting her on the floor.

    The only time I don't like this style is when I'm shopping as it's hard to be truly hands free, but a Speedy on the crook of your arm is so stylish and elegant, what's not to love!

    Good luck with your decision!
  14. I love the speedy 35!!! I have the mono 35 and damier 25. Ive been using the 35 more since I love the look of big speedies :graucho: Pics for size reference....
    speedy 35.JPG Damier.JPG
  15. i bought my first 2 speedies in the 25 size (mono and damier) since at the time i didn't carry much. but my next 2 speedies are in the 30 size (mc and mirage) and they suit my needs much better now. i would go with the 30.

    also, mono and damier are very low maintenance bags. very easy to clean and can take a beating. i'm sure other ladies can vouch for this :smile:

    good luck on your speedy hunt!