First Sour Transaction!! Help Ladies!!!

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  1. Hi gals,

    I don't know where else to turn to, hopefully all you wise PF'ers can offer some bits of advice. I'd appreciate whatever you can give me! :Push: So it's the same sob story, I got scammed for the first time with an ugly fake Chanel. The seller offers on the ad a "200% money back gaurantee" should it be found non-authentic (omg, you guys should have SEEN the "authenticity card"!!! :yucky: it's like they didn't even try!). So, naive little me goes ahead to have it authenticated by Angie at MyPoupette, and I pursue a dispute on Paypal, yada yada. I recently just faxed over the written statement of non-authenticity to paypal and emailed to the seller. This whole time, mind you, I was very courteous and professional - can definitely not say the same for the seller. :cursing:

    The last mssg I got from them before I sent the written statement was that they were pretty certain their buyer's dispute was not valid on Paypal, and they even ASKED ME WHAT THEY SHOULD DO. (It was so hard holding back the "kiss my booty!"). I sent them a very gracious email attached with the statement, requesting them to honor their 200% guarantee and maintaining their reputation as a viable seller (hah). Ok, thought everything was dandy, until they respond the next day with: "Oh, don't worry, we contacted the chanel boutique to find nearest one to you.. they will determine if the bag is not auth as you described (THIS IS AFTER I SENT THEM THE STATEMENT).. also, we are registered company in hawaii doing business in japan so we are trying to find a best lawyer for this case... we also asked paypal if it is permitted to ask compensation to the buyer for the losses caused by the buyer... Thanks."

    Err? :confused1: If that wasn't fun enough, they actually had the audacity to file a dispute on eBay claiming the item was never paid. I'm like, good lord, are you that desparate?? If I never paid, what the f*ck are we disputing over??? :cursing:

    I'm wondering if I should seek legal advice also.. I had no idea it would be so serious. Are they just trying to intimidate lil ol' me? They're actually accusing ME of causing losses! I'm not the one scamming people online!! :shrugs: Should I just wait as Paypal reviews the claim? There is no way they can win.. I have done nothing wrong!

    This post is rather long and I doubt many of you will read it, but just wanted to rant and get it out there. If any of you have ever been in similar situations, I'd love to hear how you took care of it.

    Regardless, I ain't backing down, girls! I'm on the crusade for a CLEANER, less fraud-polluted eBay!
  2. Did you pay with a credit card when you used Paypal? If so, call your credit card company to reverse charge. The main objective is to get all your money back quickly. The longer you delay this process, the less likely you will get your money back.

    Your credit card company may require some proof and documentation. Submitting in your credit card dispute report a copy of the eBay listing along with a letter of authenticity form Mypoupette should be sufficient. Just in case, ask your credit card company what else you need.

    Next, file a dispute with eBay for item not as described. Follow ebay's instructions about the wait period and proceed to escalate the dispute to Paypal claim, and then eBay claim. Submit documentation such as proof of payment and a letter of authenticity. Just follow the eBay/Paypal claim process. Let eBay and Paypal contact the seller about your claim and refund. therre is no need to argue with the seller. As long as you have the needed proofs, proof of payment and authenticity letter, you have no need to fear. The only downside is that eBay and Paypal limits the refund to about $200 minus shipping and minus $25 administrative fees. Yet, at least you get some money back if you did not pay by credit card.

    I would not count on the seller for honoring the 200% guarantee.
    Instead, I recommend that you do the followings:
    1. File a criminal complaint with the US general online at There is a form that you can complete online. Very simple and easy.

    2, If you want, file a criminal complaint with the local police (find out about the address of the seller by performing an advanced check with the listing item).

    After you file the above two criminal complaints, drop a line with the seller by letting him/her know that you have reversed credit card charge (meaning he/she will not be able to run away with your money) and you have filed criminal charges against his/her fradualent dealings. The criminal filing helped me get back the remainer of my money that is not refunded by eBay (I naively paid by money order) and helped a fellow pFer scare the seller who ended up sending her a brand new item paid at full price from a store and fedex to her the next day. Hopefully, your crooked seller would get scared and back off. A criminal offense is nota joking matter. Nobody wants the US General after his/her back.
  3. if you paid by CC, then file a dispute with your card just to be safe and have it on record. then i would let paypal handle it since it is a legitimate ebay/paypal transaction. it sounds like the seller is trying to intimidate you but i would go through paypal and let them handle the seller.
  4. Shanam and Christiflora, thanks so much! I am quickly jotting down these notes. I will call Amex immediately. About filing for criminal charges, does it matter if the seller is located in Japan?
  5. Very tough situation. I think the US General has limited power and interests in a relatively minor money matter internationally. Your best bet right now is to get all your money back by reversing credit card charges.

    I tend to shy away from purchasing ebay items from non-US countries, because of concerns in safety (more possibility of scams), custom charges, foreign exchange charges, and possiblity of loss in shipment. For example, most pFers here love to buy from Let-Trade. I have been tempted to buy from Let-Trade many times, for they have really nice items. However, because of the above mentioned concerns, I always pass.
  6. Do you mind telling me the eBay ID of the crooked seller? Let's include her name in our Avoid Sellers list. I'll be monitoring her auctions form time to time, and report her fake listings to get her off eBay for good.
  7. great idea christiflora :smile: I was just going to suggest the same thing.

    I really hope you get this sorted. At this point, I would not be looking at the 2 x money back, just be lucky to get back the money paid :smile:

    Its at times like this that I dispise ebay :sad:
  8. Absolutely. You guys are awesome! Seller's ID is "juneroses2003"
  9. I had a problem with a fake bag (of course that was touted as real) on eBay. I paid with Amex. I disputed the charge and got all my money back, including the shipping charges. Amex is great to work with for these types of things.
  10. my scam seller shipped from japan,also although her eby account listing said she was from canada which i felt was safe. if i knew that it was from there i would not have bought it in case there was a problem. i hope this works out for you!
  11. :girlsigh: :flowers: Thanks guys so much, I really appreciate the support. I've been driving the bf and sister insane over this. It's an unbelievable feeling knowing you're not alone in such unfortunate circumstances.

    lorihmatthews - I also paid with Amex, and I (hopefully) took care of that today.. I don't konw why I didn't think of that earlier. I'm so happy Christiflora mentioned it! I hope there will be a happy ending for me!
  12. I only use Amex for ebay buys now so I don't worry about getting my money back. If you get the money back from them you don;t have to hassle with paypal.
  13. Hang in there, it sounds like they are trying the "scare tactic" - do not give in. Why would they pay money for a lawyer, and there is no way you would be liable to pay? It would be cheaper for them to refund your money.

    Dont let them intimidate you.
  14. Awwww I love u guysssssssssss :biggrin:

    Yes, thanks to everyone who's helped me, justice has been served! Paypal refunded my money this morning!! Our crusade towards a less-scammer-polluted world continues! :biguns:

    ..... anyone need a free "chanel" doggie pick-up bag? :sneaky:
  15. Aww, congrats to you!