First SLG?

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  1. Oh no, I totally didn't take that into consideration :eek:

    Well this is a starter piece for me if that wasn't obvious already hahahah :lol: I bought my first Chanel bag (small, classic double flap) pre loved late last year and have been lusting over an SLG ever since :smile:

    I took a look at the snap card holder and while it was cute I felt like the look is a bit too "mature" for me..? I'm 26 and don't feel mature enough for it :giggle:

    Regardless of what she said, I still really want my own pair of CC studs (hopefully with "pearl" inlay)... I don't know if I should buy it in-store or preloved though...

    I'm pretty much dead set on getting the Chanel card case and later on the LV Victorine if I feel I need more space haha.

    The zip around costs CHF 530,- and the card case is CHF 310,-... While they're both expensive I feel like I can justify the card case more with my student budget. :amuse:
  2. I love my mini o case. It holds all my cards and even a small lip balm and keys. I find the zip around to be annoying and the card holder just not enough personally!
  3. the more I hear about the mini o case the more im starting to consider it :P
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  4. Yes! And it is really flat still if you don't have much inside but it expands so nicely when you need it to because the zipper is only on top and not all the way around. It's seriously my favorite :heart:
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  5. This is what I saw in the website and they're super cute! totally worth giving them a second look tomorrow

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  6. The card case is 310fr now? I am pretty sure I paid 360fr more than a year ago. But it could be because chf was 1.18 euro at that time while now is only 1.05. Prices get adjusted according to local curr against euro. Lucky you!

    I also recommend o case if you’re considering it. It’s very useful. I use mine for miscellaneous like hair tie, lip balm, travel size perfume, medicine, etc so I don’t mix dirty items like money, cards or keys together in it. But it can be used for that purpose or many other item obviously. Larger size has card slots inside. There are some other zip flat pouch with multi card slots as well. You might want to do more research before you settle with one. These two for example. They have few card slots on the back

    BF8BBDE8-05AD-4145-BF69-83244CD0E222.jpeg F3AAE0CC-C483-4997-BAA4-6CFEDECC99E2.jpeg
  7. Another vote for the mini O-case! Most versatile! Flat, but spacious. Good for grab and go.
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  8. The zip around has lost the battle and now it's the card case vs the o case :biggrin: I already have a pouch for small items which is why the o case isn't reeeeaally exactly what I'm looking for but it's definitely going on my wishlist! I'll decide spontaneously I guess, haha! I don't want to do too much research as the boutique has limited stock at the moment and I don't really want to get my hopes up if I find something I really like online but it isn't available in store... :doh:
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  9. Definitely check out the o cases...great little SLG for catch all and I love that it can hold cards too.
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  10. I agree. At the end it’s what speaks to us the most wins. And the fact that boutique stock is limited doesn’t help. Good luck! I hope you’ll find the best that suit your need
  11. Sooo I just came from the store and had a great time :heart: ultimately, I decided with the card case as there were no stocks of the mini o case. Unfortunately I got hit by the price increase and had to pay CHF 70,- more than last week, but I knew deep down they would apply the price increase this week :doh: will edit this post later and attach photos :biggrin:
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  12. Here she is :heart:

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  13. Congrats & great choice on the flat cardholder! It's a classic and my most use slg :heart: Once you start, it's hard to stop tho haha. Enjoy!
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  14. Congrats. You'll be buying another SLG soon. :smile:
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  15. Get the Chanel zip wallet next! I have both and definitely prefer my zip wallet, though I like and use my card case too.

    Your card case and bag are beautiful. Enjoy!
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