First SLG?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've decided to buy my first SLG in Chanel and can't seem to make up my mind! I'm thinking of getting either the classic cardholder or the zip around wallet (black or beige caviar leather and gold or silver hardware). I very rarely carry cash with me and always have multiple cards in my bag. Does anyone have both or one of these and can tell me what their experiences/suggestions are?

    Have a great weekend and thank you :heart:
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  2. It might be helpful to post some stock photos of the items

    I would personally go with the cardholder, but it depends on how many cards you carry.
  3. These were what I shortlisted but I know there were lots of other stock. I really like the look of the cardholder, Chanel but still understated. The lambskin is waaaay too fragile for me :P I wasn't really into the black hardware of the caviar zip around otherwise I would have gotten the zip around the moment I saw it :biggrin:

    i have a lot of cards but saw that I can easily fit the 5 essential cards in the cardholder and am also not against carrying a second (and spacier) cardcase when it's necessary, haha. I also don't really cash either which is why I am leaning towards the cardholder. on the other hand, I find the zip around nice but frankly, I just wonder if 1. the steep price is worth it 2. do I really need a zip around if I don't carry cash around :confused1::confused1:

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  4. From my experience, i briefly tried out a zip around and hated it. The occasional time i had cash it got ripped or the receipt got torn as well.

    Maybe the caviar black flap wallet might be an idea to look at?
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  5. I faced this dilemma not too long ago. I was asked to choose an SLG as an anniversary gift. I was tossing up between a small zip around purse & a cardholder style.

    I actually ended up choosing something completely different and went with an o-case!

    I would definitely recommend going into store & trying each of them out. That’s how I was able to determine that the smaller wallets & card cases just weren’t going to work for me.
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  6. I use the zip around card holder. Middle compartment for coins and cards on either side. I think the zip around one holds more cards more comfortably than the flap one. I have to say, though, that the zip is not of the best quality. I find the LV zippy coin purse definitely better quality
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  7. I have both and dislike the zip around. I know it’s cute but the only reason I haven’t sold it is because it’s my favorite seasonal color and it came from cambon store. It’s in my profile pic. I feel it doesn’t fit as many cards as advertised comfortably. It becomes too bulky that I’m afraid I’ll break the zipper and stitch plus it’s difficult to look for a card when it’s too many. It’s a better choice if you carry cash and little coins once in a while but it’s too narrow so I have to fold cash in three unlike LV zip coin purse (similar but taller) which cash only need to fold into two. Coins also tend to float around inside and when you open they sometimes fall down or stuck outside compartment next to zipper or in other compartments mixed up with cards. I really recommend the LV zip coin purse if you’re willing to take from other brands for a better zip around purse. It has 7 individual card slots and two open wide compartments for coins, cash and more cards. Not too big and I use it daily and perfect fit in every (mini) bags.

    I love the cardholder. I do recommend it over the zip around if you don’t bring cash and coins with you. In addition, I also use Hermes calvi to keep other cards. It can hold around 15 cards comfortably and a lot cheaper than Chanel cardholder. I remember I paid €400 for zip around, 360fr for Chanel cardholder and 300fr for Hermes Calvi. It was almost 2 years ago.
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  8. I've also heard that the LV zippy is better which is why I've considered doing Chanel card holder and then LV Zippy or Victorine :smile:
  9. Thank you so much for this review!! :heart: It really helped put everything into perspective :smile: When I was in the boutique I felt like the zip around was much smaller than it looked and wouldn't really fit much in it if you didn't want it bursting in the seams :doh:

    I'm considering going to the LV boutique, but the lines in Zurich have been absolutely insane :doh: The Calvi is not really my style but I do love the color range.

    Will check it out, thank you :heart:

    Another item I considered getting are earrings, but the SA immediately dissuaded me from them because she said paying for earrings whose stones fall out just aren't worth it :giggle: A pair of espadrilles would also be cute, but honestly I'd probably break them :frown:
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  10. I LOVE her honesty!
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  11. she was really great! unfortunately, I didn't catch her name... she had no name tag so I assume that she may have been new? hope to see her again soon
  12. I have the zip around in metallic lambskin and love it, I use it when I'm carrying smaller bags. I personally haven't tried the cardholder, I was considering one but went for the zip around as I was worried the cardholder would get stretched with too many cards in.
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  13. You can’t go wrong with a flat card holder. Especially as a first starter piece. But then it becomes a slippery slope. In terms of functionality I like the snap card holder too as it’s more accessible than a zippy and you put a few coins in.
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  14. While i agree their jewelry quality is meh, i put clear nail polish over their stones in earrings and I’ve had no issues and I’ve had a pair for over 10 years!

    And yes on the lv!!!! I have the lv victor one and i can’t get enough of it. Love it no matter how much i may overstuff sometimes lol
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  15. I honestly prefer the zip around. I barely carry cash with me either but I like the fact that if I ever have cash on me, I can store it securely and easily in the zip around. Also with the regular card holder, it does stretch with time and then if you only put one card in, it can fall out.
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