First showcase of my LV-family

  1. :love: this is my little but cute LV-family :smile:

    damier speedy
    mono and azur pochettes
    damier cles
    damier koala

    etoile and groom bandana

    pastilles phone charm

    gold key holder
    lv_c 001.jpg
  2. Great collection...thanks for sharing!
  3. nice collection. thanks for sharing.
  4. love it!!! damier line is awesome!
  5. the etoile in grey is stunning!!!!!!!!
  6. Nice collection!
  7. Thank you for sharing, it's a lovely collection!
  8. You have a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing.
  9. VERY NICE! The damer is one of my fav. LV designs i dont own a piece yet but after seeing yours i think im going to be even more in the market! :smile:
  10. Great pieces, your pastilles look so cute with your pink phone :biggrin:
  11. Very nice items in your LV collection! I love Damier, also. Thanks for letting us admire your LV's!
  12. very tasteful!! :yes:
  13. I like your damier speedy! what size is it?
  14. Love it all, especially the Koala!
  15. Gorgeous Collection!!!! Very Classic - keep it up!