First season python silverado

  1. I am looking to find out the color of the original campaign bag - was it cognac? I remember that Nicole Richie and Kirsten Dunst have this bag, and that's the color I want if I do python - it's calling my name and I never thought I could do it, but I'm wanting it now :P I know the shade is probably next to impossible to find but here's the one I want:


  2. Twinklette,
    We really are after the same collection! :biggrin: I have the original Chloe python silverado on my list too. Yes, the color that NR is carrying is cognac. However, there was also a chocolate python that was released in the original campaign.
  3. Hm, I love the Silverado but had bad experiences with the scales turning upward. I think Im too hard on my bags between school and all.
  4. Hi! I have that same exact bag. I bought it in 2004 when it first came out. I also have another python Silverado. I only have 2 Silverados. Both of them are Python. The second one I have is a silver with brown Python Satchel. I love them!
  5. Yasmin you are soooo lucky! I wish I had one :sad: Was there a chocolate in 04 too?
  6. Love this bag! Great shape.
  7. "Only"? I think two pythons is pretty good. Yasmin, how many bags do you have in total (all designers included)?
  8. Oh, haha! I honestly don't know how many bags I have. Anyway, this is my bag closet.


    That's the bags I use at the moment. I leave bags that I don't use as much like old Chanel, Chloe and so on bags in my closet storage.
  9. Wow, that's pretty impressive. For someone in her teens, (correct me if I'm wrong), that's a hell of a lot of designer bags. And based on the photos I've seen in other threads, gorgeous ones to boot. Lucky girl.
  10. it's good to come from an oil producing country isn't it? thanks to the usa for saving kuwait from you know who!!!!

    but i digress, that's a great bag collection. please continue to spend the petrodollars in the us -- we need it to finance the huge twin deficits!!!
  11. I think there is medium original cognac silverado on ebay now for a decent price.
  12. woah.

  13. thats so not cool.....
  14. Thanks cougess! It's on the way to me...I can't wait! THANK YOU! :yes:

  15. ^^ Great! I hope you got a good price. :biggrin: