First scratch on my new love bracelet :(

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  1. Hi! My hubby just got me a cartier love bracelet for my birthday :yahoo:

    I just received it yesterday but already managed to get a deepish scratch on the bottom due to my engagement ring hitting it :wtf::sad:

    I know that polishing causes gold to be lost but do you think that they would only polish the small area with the scratch if I take it in? Or should I try to just accept and ignore the scratch? Am I being crazy? IMG_7267.JPG
  2. Happy birthday and congratulations. You're going to get lots of little scratches unless you never wear it, or unless you never touch anything, write anything, get into/out of or drive a car, carry anything, get dressed, cook, shop, wear other jewelry, exercise, sleep and you plan to keep your arms out to the side at all times. :smile: Just enjoy your bracelet and live your life. You wear your jewelry, don't let your jewelry wear you. Every few years just take it in and have it polished up and then you can start scratching it all over again. :smile:
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  3. Just embrace the scratch. You will have more than you can count soon. This is not a jewelry item that is meant to remain pristine. Over time, the scratches will blend together to form a beautiful patina.
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  4. Thank you, prepster and Violet Bleu! I'm starting to get over it :smile: This feels like a car in that the first ding sucks so much, hehehehe.
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  5. The first one always bothers you.... and then there were two... and infinitely many more. They are bound to happen at some point. The only good thing is because there is a scratch,nyou will no longer be too protective and can just enjoy it.
  6. Someone posted in one of these love discussions about something that will take the scratches out. I'd look into it. I would try to use that, don't go with the you'll get scratches get used to it talk. Hers looks new and is 5 years old and Cartier said no damage has been done to her bracelet by using the product.
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  7. Search for star glow and you'll find her post. It's in the JUC postings. She has a new JUC with an old love.
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  8. Jewelry is meant to be worn. Especially if you get something like LOVE bracelets which people put on and don't take off, you can expect a lot of wear and tear. Embrace it, love it, enjoy it! Don't worry about it. :smile::smile::smile:
  9. Thanks! I'll have to get some of this product!
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  10. The first one always hurts the most ~ Soon you won't even notice it!
    Enjoy your beautiful Love!!
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  11. I'm interested in this product too. it's called Magic Bling Star Glow. But I can't seem to find any other forum posters who have used it, and the website seems a bit dodgy.
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  12. I would leave it alone,I know how you feel mine ,I had some how small cut on side into but I left alone .it's not worth polishing lose gold plus to many people have complained when they got it back.enjoy it congratulation, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.
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  13. I can worry about this polish, I would ask cartier what there thoughts are is it safe to use, there loves cost so much,so I would be cautious about using anything to clean it,
  14. Thanks! So, I couldn't stand looking at that one scratch so I caved and took it in to Cartier. They did a quick shine and it disappeared. It wasn't a full-on polish so I don't think I lost too much gold. Now that I'm used to the bracelet being on my wrist, it gets scratched less, so hopefully I won't need to take it in for another few years.
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  15. Yeah I agree that it's best not to risk it. If you live near a Cartier boutique they will shine it right there. It only took about 10 minutes for me and it was free.
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