First scarf!

  1. Hey girls,

    My Mom told me to go and pick a scarf as a small present!!

    I just finished organising a month long project at a refugee camp and she thought phoned me to say that she wanted to buy a congratulations for
    the sucessful project :yahoo:

    I went to the local Hermes shop and tried some on, I like the design of one that has a jungle motif, but they did not have the colour that like. The lady says that they cannot order them in from other shops, and since it was from last season they will not be getting anymore.

    Is this normal practive? Should I pick a new scarf, or is there another way to get a hold of this one??

    Thanks so much!

  2. Congrats on completing the project !

    Which colorway are you looking for?
  3. arfe you talking about Jungle Love?

    maybe its online. normally they can check the computers to see if anyone has the colorway you like.
  4. Congratulations! Jungle Love Is A Beauty ~ I Hope Hermes Can Find The Colorway You Are Looking For!:smile:
  5. lisaanne, is it Jungle Love (pic courtesy of ellyla):


    Au Coeur de la Vie (pic courtesy of PF):


    or another pattern?

    Once you determine the name, you can ask a Sales Associate at the boutique to help you find the color you like. Or at least s/he can give you the style number. If you have the style number, you can call the 1-800 # (1-800-441-4488) and ask the very nice staff there to help you with colorways and which boutiques in the nation may have your colorway.

    Contratulations on your first scarf - pls let us know what you get! :heart:
    jungle love.jpg au coeur de la vie 1.JPG
  6. Wow, thanks for all the quick responses,

    I am looking for the blue colour, I am not sure of the official name. Jungle love, that was the name - thanks.

    I tried online, but they do not ship to Denmark or Canada. The lady at the shop here called to the airport in Copenhagen, but they did not have it either.

    Maybe I will try eBay, is that reliable for Hermes scarves?

  7. ^^^ Did you try Stockholm and the french H site?
  8. Thanks Katel, and Ellyla (by way of Katel) :yes:

    The one I want is the second one, and that is the colour that I want as well.

    Do you think that the owner of that scarf wants to part with it??:p

    I will call now and see what they say,


  9. I would love that colorway of au coeur de la vie as well, that's why I have its image on my hard drive - it's the only one that really rocked me in that pattern.

    It's c/w # 07 - BLEU DUR and BLEU LAVANDE

    So lisaanne, if you can call the US 800 # or the UK 800# (sorry don't have it), and ask them to help you locate Au Coeur de la Vie in th 07 colorway - bleu dur and bleu lavande, you should get some results, hopefully. They can do a large search of the boutiques in the region. If you find it in the US, Ill be happy to forward it on to you. :heart:

    Let us know! (And please tell me if you find TWO, I might have to finally cave and buy that one!)
  10. ooh make it three. lol. never saw that colorway before!
  11. Yippee!

    They found one in Athens airport, I phoned already and put it on hold.

    Luckily I will be going through there later this month, going on vacation in the islands.

    I am so excited, my first H scarf and I will get to debut it in all my vacation pictures. It will be great to match my scrapbook pages to the scarf :wlae:

    I did not see your message in time to ask if they had more than one, but I think that both of you should get it too, it is so beautiful. I saw a girl on the street here in Copenhagen with it and that's what prompted me to choose it.

    I'll put up a picture once I get back.

    Thanks again for all your help, yea Tpf!
  12. I have that scarf in the lightblue...and its fantastic.

    i also have the yellow Jungle love as pictured and its beautiful too!
  13. I have been a while before getting a picture, and its a bit far away..

    but I LOVE it.. searching for more.. sad thing about student budget

    Summer with Mom 199crop.jpg
  14. Ohh wow thats going to look totally amazing on you

    Keep us posted

    ( students turn into people who earn lots of money so plenty more Hermes after Education :smile:)
  15. lovely!! Congratulations, and thank you so much for keeping us posted.

    That color is spectacular on you~~!!!