First scarf. So many choices

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  1. Ladies,

    I'm going to buy my first scarf but there are so many choices. Which size, print, fabric. Do I need a scarf ring with it? Aaargh to many choices. Every tip is welcome. I like this one its 90x90 is that a size you can use a lot and which color the black or the bright one? ️

  2. The pink is such a happy color!!
  3. I personally don't use silk a lot! But I love my CSGM scarves, and even buy multiple ones... However, I live in Canada where it is cold most of the year, and I also feel cold most of the year, so cashmere is soft and warm for me :smile:
  4. They are both so beautiful with vibrant colors. But I think I prefer the silk with the black background. The colors just pop so nicely against the black, beautiful contrast!!!

  5. +1 for CGSM. My very first one (I have 2 now) has become like my security blanket Choose the one that makes your heart sing the most
  6. I choose the pink one. Can't wait to wear it ️
  7. Welcome to the forum!! :wave:

    Great choice!! La Marche du Zambeze is one of my favorite designs from the Spring 2016 season, and the bright pink is gorgeous!!! :love:
  8. I'm not going to be a Hermes addict. I'm not going to be....
  9. From experience

    Go with your :heart: and but think about your colouring and style too

    if stuck between silk 90s and cashmere/silk shawls (CSGM) think about the climate you like in and how you already where what size of scarves.

    The 90s are the most versatile and the classic carre, you can wear them in so many ways and even hang them on the wall.

    CSGMs are more trendy but (for me) more limited because I may spend half the day carrying it around and take more looking after.

    You don't need a scarf ring, see how you go and how you use your scarf before investing. I now have 4 but am very choosy, and new models come up all the time
  10. Excellent choice for a first scarf. I fell for this one myself - I got the black one. Aren 't the borders fabulous?!?

    Enjoy wearing this beauty - and be careful of the slippery Orange Slope!!
  11. Welcome to the slippery slope..

    Choose the one you like the most, it won't stay alone for long:smile:
  12. You can use a regular ring in the place of a dedicated scarf ring.
  13. My auto-correct has gone :cray:

    Should read:

    if stuck between silk 90s and cashmere/silk shawls (CSGM) think about the climate you live in and how you already wear what size of scarf.

  14. I got it. I wear big but 140x140 was to expensive 90x90 will do and I also can wrap that size around my dreadlocks.

    Can't wait till it arrive ️
  15. OMG, Hermes scarf and dreadlocks, this will be so cool. Promise me a photo, pretty please!:tender: