Scarves First Scarf Ring

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  1. Hi Scarfies - what do you recommend for one's first scarf ring? I hope for something that would allow me to wear a 90cm without wrapping it around my neck twice (ie. something simple that would replace tying corners together). Also, is there any reason to buy straight from H or are there other brands people know/love? Thanks!
  2. Mors, Regate, Trio are the most signature scarf ring in my point of view.
    You are reference to the knots in TPF, youtube and IG. There are lots of reference to learn how to knot.
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  3. I haven’t bought non-H scarf rings but I do feel that they are sized just right to use with the 90cms (or whatever size it is made for).
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  4. I would say Trio is a good basic first ring.
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  5. I love both Regate and trio
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  6. Thank you all :smile: Will check these rings out!
  7. I started with Regate then added the Chaine d’Ancre. Trio and Mors are next!
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  8. I like the flat double-sided (gold/silver) Chaine d'Ancre. Just make sure it's the right size (there's and 90 and a 70). You can use it easily and it's completely versatile.

    A lot of the classics I find a bit too 'classic' IYKWIM.

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