First Road Trip

  1. Hi ladies,

    We'll be going on our first trip LO in a couple of weeks! I'm super excited! It's a road trip.

    We plan to start our drive in the evening when it's her bed time so she'll sleep through the drive. She doesn't like sitting in her car seat too long. She's also the same way with her cradle swing. 10 minutes in and she's already trying to get up to get out of it. LO is 4 months old. We have a Peg Perego car seat. Do you have this problem? Any ideas or tips to make her car seat more enjoyable for her?

    Also, do you have any suggestions on travel bath tubs? We have the Puj Tub but don't know if the places we're staying have sinks deep enough to accommodate the Puj. I was going to buy one of those infant tubs and bring it with me, but thinking it might be too bulky when I take into account all our luggage and gear. What do you guys do about baby's bathing on travels?

  2. My little one doesn't like sitting in his car seat either, so I usually try to put him to sleep before a long trip. I think the fact that you are travelling at night should help.

    As far as the tub, I have purchased inflatable tubs before for trips. They are easy to pack and affordable enough (~$20) that you don't have to bring them back with you if you don't want to.
  3. Yes. Coordinate so that you can travel during her sleep time. We had Peg carseat too and drove to Canada w her in it from California. We stopped a lot so she got breaks from her seat. I sat w her in the back and played a lot w her. We brought lots of new toys that she never saw before.
    we got Munchkin inflatable bath tub. Make sure the hotel has bath tub. Ours did not and we had a standing shower which was hars for us.
  4. When my LO was 4 months old, I just took baths with him, so that's probably what I would do with traveling at that age :smile:
  5. We took our little one on a road trip at 5 months. She has always loved her carseat so traveling with her was never a problem. We always made sure to sit with her in the back when awake to play. We would bring some new toys and music to also entertain her.
    I heard from other parents that if your baby does not like car rides some times having them in the middle of the car helps compared to the sides. Little ones may be car sick and having them in the middle helps with that. My little one has been sitting in the middle since birth. We put her there bc we like to reach back and be able to tickle her.
  6. Both my kids hated riding in the car, so long car rides were out of the question at that age. I think that all you can really do is try to get much of your traveling done while she is sleeping, which you already plan on doing. At 4 months-old, there is little you can do to "entertain" them, so the key will be just keeping her comfortable. How long is the car ride?
  7. We always do road trips and my kids have always been fine. We bring portable DVDs and they watch movies and have snacks. As babies, they were fine for up to 8 hr drive and we did some rest stops in between.

    Just take your baby in the shower with you and wash him, then pass off to dad for dressing while you finish your shower.
  8. we've gone on a few ~7 hour road trips with my DS so far, to visit my parents. i sit in the back with him and keep him entertained, keep loads of his toys/books with him to switch it up, and we take a break every hour-hour and a half to let him stretch out/feed him/change him. thankfully he sleeps for a part of the trip as well.

    my advice would be to sit in the back with our LO, unless its possible for you to switch to the back as soon as a meltdown is about to happen. i know some parents are against it but honestly whatever keeps the baby calm is ok in my book. also I'm nt sure about tubs as we've only gone to my parents place and thy have a baby tub already so i don't need to tote mine.
  9. THanks ladies!

    The drive will be about 8 hours long. The car seat is already set up in the middle since the first day from the hospital.

    I always sit in the back with her in the car on the weekends when DH is driving because she hates her car seat. She is always bobbing her head forward to try to get out of the car seat. So she'll struggle for a bit, scream and cry. There's little I can do to calm her or get her attention once she starts to cry.

    I think buying a bunch of new toys and books is a great idea. I started shopping today! :smile:
  10. I think someone on recommended getting an inflatiable ducky tub:

    it's perfect :smile: we brought it on a cruise and our little guy just took a bath in the teeny tiny showers they give you in the stateroom. he was six months at the time. now he's a year and I've been getting more use out of it by using it as a tiny pool. he likes to throw rocks and sticks in it now :smile: haha.

    good luck on your trip!