First RM MAM - Blue with brown wicker or royal blue w/patent trim?

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  1. Hi! I'm new to TPF and ready to purchase my first RM!!

    After trying on several different styles, I finally settled on the MAM (and already planning to build my collection by adding the Steady and Nikki :P)

    So I'm torn between the Blue with Brown Wicker (
    or the Royal Blue w/ patent trim (

    What does everyone think?
    Blue w/brown or Royal Blue w/patent?
    Should I BIN or take my chances on bidding?? :confused1:
  2. im not sure about this..but i think ive read somewhere that the royal-blue with brown basketweave will coming back (this fall)..

    If this is true.. i would buy the blue w/ patent bag.

    If this is NOT true.. then i would go for the blue w/ patent bag. I like the glaze, nice for the spring/summer. :smile:
  3. I would choose the blue with brown wicker. Its very pretty IMO, and strikes me as very feminine.
  4. that blue w/patent is rare and looks easier to match.
  5. Never a fan of the wicker. It looks a bit odd IMHO. I absolutely LOVE the patent tho. It will be perfect for this spring and summer! The color is gorgeous!
  6. I would choose the Royal Blue - it's such a pretty shade, a real eye-catcher, and definitely screams spring & summer. If you are going for a more conservative look, then I would say get the blue with brown wicker. They are both beautiful! Let us know which one you pick!! :tup:
  7. They're both pretty gorgeous!! I think the blue with patent is very eye catching, but the blue with brown wicker is more classic... so it depends on what you're looking for. I'd say go for the one that ends up costing less if you can't decide based on looks =)
  8. you make a good point! i'm so indecisive...
  9. Hmmm... the thing is, m'dear, one probably shouldn't announce one's intentions regarding eBay auctions and RM bags ... especially in the RM forum. :supacool:

    Good luck!

    And so my 1000th post sneaks by, quietly under the radar. It's been a pleasant run! Here's to my next thousand!!!
  10.'s fine. the way i see it is, if they get swooped up, it wasn't meant to be and there's a better MAM out there waiting for me! :smile: I'm in no rush...
  11. ^A truer thing was never written. I am a firm believer in 'if it was meant to be, it was meant to be'. And if my credit card will take it. LOL.

    Welcome to the forum, by the way! Great place! And all of us with one thing on our minds - handbags! The glorious hunt for the holy grail!
  12. ^^ Thanks!! I really have no business being on here though...I need more handbags like I need another hole in my head! LOL.
  13. LILI- I would go for the blue/patent hobo! The hobo is a pretty rare style and I love RM's patent leather on it. I recently bought a cream/white patent bag from their Spring 08 line, and the patent on it is gorgeous! It doesn't look cheap or overdone like other designer bags i've seen. I have an all patent Kooba bag, and i hate it. As far as the Royal/Brown combo, there have been several of the Royal Brown Wicker popping up lately on ebay, and other retailers.

    I personally like the Royal/Brown basketweave more than the wicker. I think the blue leather on it looks much richer, so maybe you should wait for one of those! Plus like suetje mentioned earlier, RM will be bringing them back soon!