First RM - Advice Needed

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  1. Hello all!

    I've recently become "infatuated" (that's right!) with Nikki and desparatly want to have one NOW! The problem is, I see so many of you have gotten deals either through eshops or ebay. And I have a hard time paying full price for one!

    So I've narrowed my choices to either Black, Double Cream (yes, i know it'll stain, but I love whitish bags!), wine, cloud grey, or some sort of dark blue. oops, just realized that's not much of a "narrowed down" list.

    Here's my question,: which one of these colours do you think is less likely to be discounted? For now, I think wine or cloud grey are unlikely to be discounted since they are so popular. Agree?

    I figured I'll get one at full price now, and wait for the sale for other colors. But I really have to have one NOW:shame:!
  2. It will be very difficult to find a wine discounted. I think w/ any of the others you'll have a great shot at getting them at a discount, especially on ebay (there's a Nite Blue up right now for under $500, which is a great deal!).
  3. ^There was a Double Cream Nikki that recently ended for $499 on ebay. I've seen a couple CG Nikkis too (close to the retail price).
  4. There is a seagreen nikki up for $495 now as well!

    MOST likely, you will not see any black, blue, wine, or grey bags discounted for a while because those are mostly current season bags, unless one is used on ebay. If you want a discounted bag, i would wait a couple months till all of them are released so etailers can have sales etc- or wait till the next bloomies sale! Bloomingdales has GREAT sales on RM from time to time.
  5. eBay is your best bet for a price slightly under retail, but keep in mind, after you factor in shipping costs, it might be better to pay retail some place that has free shipping. That way you have peace of mind and can return the bag if it isn't perfect for you for some reason.

    Also, I have a Double Cream Nikki. Word of advice: I got denim transfer on it, but it washed off with some Apple Care leather cleaner. I then sprayed it with the Apple Guard Rain & Stain repellent to hopefully repel future stains. It's a beautiful bag! :tup:
  6. Thanks all for your responses! Although I'd love to get a Nikki under retail, it sure is also comforting to know it won't be "devalued" in the near future!

    ead_angel: so did the stain repellent work for our double cream? I saw one at a store the other day, it sure is a beauty!
  7. ^^Yes, it has definitely helped. I like to keep my bags looking new for as long as possible. I know it is inevitable that with time a white bag will get dirty, but the protectant makes it easy to wipe of dirt with some Wet One wipes.
  8. ead, so glad to hear that you got the stain off! I was really hoping that it would work out...

    cherrykiwi, i agree with the advice that others have given you. I would also suggest that you check out newer places like shopdressonline because they have current season items that are already on sale since they are trying to attract customers. maybe this way you can get a new bag now, anda bit of a deal!

    i agree with ead that the double cream nikki is gorgeous and very rich looking...i have one but am most likely going to return it, however. i adore light colored bags, esp. cream colored ones but i have arrived at the sad conclusion that they just don't work with my clothes -- i need more of a strong pop of color. so i am dealing with three sirens right now and *should* be able to exchange it for another nikki. if not, though, i won't be sad whatsoever because it's such a gorgeous, classy bag!
  9. Haha...I forgot to update you guys. I finally decided on a cloud grey nikki. And it's on it's way! I paid full retail for it, but it'll be worth it right?

    All in all, i think grey will work best with my current wardrobe. I wear lots of black, blue and purple. So wine wouldn't go with all my clothes. Whereas cream is a bit too risky given I wear so much jeans. But when I have the fund (which will be a while), I shall get all these colors!