First reveal!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm a lurker but I'm finally starting first post and first reveal!! :sweatdrop:
    I've noticed no one here has revealed this bag before, so I want to hear your thoughts on it? I'm in love with the bag and it was my birthday last week sooo.. :lol:

    It's all packaged up because I'm not 100% sure whether I want to keep it or not. I wanted the black one but it wasn't available in boutiques until now. What do you guys think? Should I keep this luggage or exchange for the black? I always go for black bags because it seems to match my outfits best but both colors are beautiful! I can't decide by myself... ><

    So without further ado... luggage Hamilton messenger in luggage!
    (sorry for the size, I'm having upload issues. hope it's not too big for your screens!)


    and if you'd like to see the black one..
  2. Cute bag! I have bags in both black and luggage, both match my wardrobe well so I think either color is a great choice. If you always get black bags then maybe it might be nice to have a bag in luggage to switch things up.