First reveal

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  1. I've been around a lot but have never shared any pictures. Today that is changing. I just had to share some of my newer acquisitions.

    photo 3.jpg Charcoal Gray GST, purchased in August 2013

    photo 2.jpg Red clasp, just got her yesterday

    photo 1.jpg Earrings over the past few weeks.

    Thanks for sharing in my fun.
  2. love your red clasp and gold earrings they are tdf
  3. Congrats to your goodies!
  4. Love all your purchases! Enjoy :heart:
  5. Nice purchases. Love the gold earrings too!!
  6. beautiful!!!! love your collection!!!
  7. Nice reveal! I like your choices.
  8. really nice!
  9. LOVE enjoy!!!
  10. Nice choices, they are all so nice.
  11. Congrats on all the beautiful goodies! I want to get a grey gst too!
  12. Love your collection!
  13. Lovely collection, congrats! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Congrats on all of your lovely Chanel goodies; your bags are beautiful and your earrings so pretty.
  15. congrats on all your purchases!