First reveal!!

  1. I've never done a reveal before but after seeing my 2 ps1s next to each other for the first time, I was inclined to do a full reveal with all 3 ps1s. Many thanks go out to Ellie for authenticating and answering all the questions I had regarding ps1s as these are my very first ps1s or proenza schouler purchases ever made. Enjoy!

    Where it all began...

    First eBay and pre-loved purchase...

    Last but not least...this was thanks to a TPFer who mentioned that they saw this bag at a Nordstrom rack.

    Little family picture :smile:
  2. Congrats on this gorgeous collection! :biggrin: The suede PS1 is :love:

  3. Thank you! I think the suede Is actually my favorite one :smile: I still have to treat it though...just nervous about putting anything on it lol
  4. These look great! Lovely collection. :smile:

  5. Thank you!
  6. Something about these colors all together is so pretty! They should make a color blocked PS1 with these colors :p

    Individually they are beautiful too. Congrats!

  7. Lol thank you! When I saw the purple and the yellow next to each other, I knew I had to photograph them all together :smile:
  8. I wasn't sure how I felt about these bags but after seeing your family portrait I have changed my mind! Kinda falling for the ps

  9. It didn't take much to get to 3...they're kind of addicting. I've been lucky with the prices on these.
  10. i'm loving the suede! is it raspberry?

  11. Yeah it is. I haven't used it though. I still have to treat it...
  12. My brand new arrival from PS... I am in Love!


  13. It's gorgeous! I love the blue. Congrats! Are you going to treat it with anything? If so, what? Thanks!
  14. Thank you! I think treating it would be a good idea, I just don't know what I should use. The paperwork that came with the bag says it has not been treated because that would change the look of the color/texture, so I am little afraid to put anything on it. Think I'll search PS Forum and see what others are doing with their suede.
  15. So I ended up returning the lemon/yellow ps1...I had received the olive this passed December and even though they're not really similar, the lemon had some green undertones and just seemed too bright when I took it out of the dust bag after being in there for quite some time. Did I make the right choice? This is my current ps1 collection. Should I have kept the lemon or try to go to the store and get it back? Thanks guys!