First Reveal :)

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  1. I got a RM Cupid a few weeks ago but didnt do a reveal. Wish I did. As it will forever be my 'special' bag but not going to let this one get away without a reveal.

    Super excited. Anyone around for a reveal?
  2. Another photo :graucho:
  3. Aw Come on, Don't be a tease. I want to see more. that color is gorgeous.

    I'll hold my congratulations tilll she's out of the plastic and completely on dislplay. I love new bags!
  4. I'm here also, so far I'm loving the color!
  5. I am loving it!!!!! I thought I loved the Cupid, but gosh do I like this one.

    For a 'mini' it sure is big. I cant wait to get a full size MAB.

    I was expecting a bright red but it is more a ketchup red. Very nice color and will be a good fall color.
  6. That is beautiful. Perfect color. Congratulations.. What lining does it have?

  7. This is a pretty good first RM option! I also prefer MAM with the strap. The new MAMs are lighter too and this is a lovely colour as well! :biggrin:
  8. Very Pretty!! Congrats.. :smile:
  9. I like this red :heart: Is this the "freesia" color? beautiful!
  10. Congrats!!! Such an amazing color!!
  11. Very pretty! Congrats! If you love the Cupid, there was no way you wouldn't like a MAM. Is the color lipstick?
  12. I love your new mam! It's gorgeous. What color is it?
  13. Hey! It's not too late to reveal that Cupid! :smile:
  14. *~*Lovely!!! Congrats!*~*
  15. I am in love with this color!