First Reveal w/pics

  1. The forum has helped me to expand my collection quite a bit in the last year, but this is my first time posting a reveal and pictures.

    These are probably the best deal I have ever found in my whole life. Got them at NM Last Call this afternoon for $291 + tax. Original price was right at $1200!!!

    I can't believe they actually had the box and dust bags, that never happens there!

    Chanel Boots One.jpg

    Chanel Boots Three.jpg

    Chanel Boots Two.jpg

    (sorry, pics not that great- took them on a macbook)
  2. WOW! Amazing deal! Congrats. They're sick!
  3. They're beautiful - congrats! what a fabulous deal you got!
  4. Wow, super deal ... those boots are hot! Congrats on snagging a fab deal!
  5. Beautiful and a deal!!!
  6. wow that is one goooood deal, lucky you !
  7. Congrats!!!! They are beautiful - especially at that crazy price!!
  8. wow...that's a steal! The boots are sooo STUNNING! I really love it, wish i can also get such;)


  9. cute boots!!
  10. wow, u got urself a super deal! :tup:
  11. nice boots!
  12. Super nice boots! Lucky u.
  13. congrats, awesome price. WOW such a big price reduction.
  14. Congrats! nice boots.
  15. Gorgeous boots! and what a steal!!