First reveal @ TPF's Burberry section !

  1. Hehehe :yahoo: It arrived yesterday ! :graucho:
    It's not my first btw :p

  2. Open up!!!!!!!!
  3. :popcorn:
  4. what is it? what is it?
  5. let's see!
  6. let's see!
  7. The Burberry bags are always so nice looking, makes it even more fun top open them, so let's go! :biggrin:
  8. 2nd pair of shoes from Burberry ! :nuts:

  9. I am here:popcorn:
  10. Where is it?! I want to see!
  11. Taaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! :graucho:
  12. ^^ Nice shoes, love them! Congratulations and enjoy!
  13. ^ hah thankssssss !! ;)
  14. :nuts: Wow, those are freakin' cute! Congratulations!
  15. I know ! I've been eyeing on them for like ages ! Finally got them. Thus, :happydance:

    Modeling pictures :p