First reveal: small Phoebe in grey birch pintuck leather

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  1. In another post, I shared my story of the trip dh and I took to the Coach store. It was long winded, so I'll spare you the details. Let's just get to the pics of this purse he helped me pick out for my birthday in March.

    Jentilla shared a pic of her Cafe Carryall grey birch pintuck and raved about the quality and perfection of the pintucking and I couldn't agree more. It really adds something to the bag. Also love the color of grey birch, a great neutral. The lining is a gorgeous lavender, although I think my pics make it look a tad more periwinkle/blue. I went with the small Phoebe as I think it fit me better, but the Cafe Carryall is just as gorgeous, love the shape.

    I think the strap drop is the same as the small black violet Phoebe I have. It looks like the straps might be a tiny bit shorter, but I think that's because the pintucking makes the bag a bit more stiff/structured (it's still soft, don't get me wrong, just not as slouchy). It's not an issue for me, but it could be for some, especially if you're wearing a thick coat. I also think it'll slouchen up a little after I use it.

    Also shown is my Madison double zip phone wallet in peach rose croc embossed leather (my first ever fancy wallet, lol) and my medium skinny in peach rose saffiano. Last pic I included for the heck of it since I was taking pics. It's my op art sateen Maggie that DH got me a few years ago. I'm not a logo person, but I really thought this was different and liked the colors in it.

    Well, so much for not rambling. Sorry! Thanks for looking!

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  2. Wow what a nice collection you've got there. Really nice choices :smile:
  3. So pretty! I love the pintuck bags. I really like your Maggie too, those are great colors!
  4. She's STUNNING!!!!!
  5. Your new bag is gorgeous! Love the color of the lining! Congrats!
  6. Thank you so much ladies!! It's going to be hard to wait until my birthday (the END of March) to use it. DH said I didn't have to, but I'm still going to try to.
  7. Thanks! I love the lining too. :graucho:
  8. Very pretty...congrats!
  9. Thank you for the pics! I have been wanting to see pics of this is beautiful! And I love the color...the grey with the light gold hardware is so pretty! Very nice accessories, too...everything looks great! Enjoy!
  10. So pretty! I love the lining, too!
  11. Very nice! Love the colors!
  12. I love the Pintuck Phoebe, it looks fabulous, what a great hubby. Congrats.
  13. I fondled that pintuck Phoebe in-store the other day and it's really gorgeous - the details are so nice.
  14. Oooh, the gray birch color and the lining color are both stunning!
  15. Love your bags! But I say use your new one now! Life's too short! My hubby always gives us ( me and the kids) , early presents! We accept them and enjoy them right away! :graucho:
    It makes him happy too!