First Reveal plus question!!

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  1. I was SO excited to get my first bbag in a long time...I got a GGH black giant coin's beautiful!!

    but something puzzled me...the card inside says "2007"...

    does that mean it is from 2007? Or did they put the wrong card in? Please help!!

    pictures here:

    Thank you!!!!! :biggrin:
  2. oh and I am surprised to see "2007" because I got the cp from wouldn't think they would still have 2007 stuff there...
  3. Yes, the tag means that it is from 2007. However, it may have been an older stock...but the serial number on the tag is the correct number for a GH Coin. The tags may have been mixed up with an older one, it's hard to be 100% sure though since they don't list the color on the paper tag. I wouldn't worry though, its sooo prettty! :smile:
  4. Your GGH CP is gorgeous. Congrats!
  5. i'd be happy! 07 has better leather!
  6. aww...thank you for all the info!!

    at first I was really shocked to see the 2007 tag but now I am really happy!!
  7. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. It's gorgeous either way ;)
    Congrats and enjoy it.
  9. What year did you think it was going to be? Did they tell you? Well it's not a 2010 because they changed the CP a little. Good for you if you got a 07!!
  10. ohh wowza you are so lucky!!! congrats
  11. congrats!!! very nice purchase!! it is so cute!!
  12. congrats
  13. congrats, 07 leather is one of the best =)
  14. I noticed that had some older colors online. Last night I saw an 09 Officer and there was a white. Anyway 07 is fantastic Congrats.
  15. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

    It's sort of like a gamble ordering from there! I thought it could be 2009 but never thought it would be anything older!!

    : ) it's a pleasant surprise~~
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