First reveal: Mini Rockie in Cheetah

  1. Hey guys!

    I just got my first AW bag and I'm so excited! Anyway I fell in love with the stock pictures and bought it - I love anything with leopard/cheetah/zebra print!

    Quite disappointed to actually see the real thing because the cheetah print on kangaroo fur is so dull looking in person. I would thought it would be more vibrant like the modelled picture!

    Also, after putting only 3 things in my bag which is my wallet, portable charger (Xiaomi) and my phone - the bag is incredibly heavy!!

    Now I'm not sure whether to return this or not. But I do love the rockie because the studs really complete the edgey look!

    HELP!!! IMG_3462.PNG IMG_3577.JPG IMG_3514.JPG
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  2. What did you decide to do? Actually I like that the one you got is less orange-y than the one on the model - just my opinion. But if you’re not happy plus find it heavy, then best to return. I have a mini in latte/rose gold and love it! But then I was used to the regular size Rockie and this is much lighter!
  3. I wasn’t happy with how heavy it was when I did not even fill it up :sad: also the prints isn’t calling out for me so I’ve sadly returned it!
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  4. Hmm yeah it looks very dull compared to the first pic. I don’t have a mini rockie but I’ve always adored the style, and wanted one in red color. But I know it’s heavy because of the metal studs so I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Hope you can find a substitution for your returned one soon!
  5. Haha I’m not sure whether I’ll add a mini rockie to my collection but it definitely isn’t the top of my wishlist now that I know how heavy it is. It just isn’t practical for a day out because I know I’ll end up with sore shoulders
  6. Haha it was cuter when modelled in a professional studio hahaha
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  7. Yeah I would prefer if the leopard print was bolder and more orange! LOL. Thank goodness I was able to get a return!
  8. Yep it’s like carrying a tote on crossbody rather than a mini bag LOL.
    Bagfish! Now that’s a word hahaha.