First Reveal! (Light and Dark Classics)

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  1. Who's around for a reveal??

    I've been reading all of the lovely Chanel posts for some time and am very excited to be doing my first (double!) reveal on TPF!

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  2. Waiting :biggrin:
  3. Anytime now!
  4. First, the smaller of the two boxes...

    I had been on the waitlist for this bag for a while, and finally received a call in March! Introducing my black caviar WOC with GHW :biggrin:

    (Sorry, I just realized the first picture is blurry. My bad!)

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  5. That's cute!! :smile: Congrats!!
  6. Yeah! We're bag twins! I love mine so much. Can't wait to see what's in the larger box!!
  7. And now the second box!

    I admit that while I had already planned on getting this bag, I did buy it a little earlier than expected due to the upcoming rumors of a price increase :-s To be honest, if prices went up any more, I didn't think I would be able to afford anything from the store!

    Presenting my new M/L beige clair caviar flap with GHW! I was very lucky to be able to track down what seemed to be the last one of these at Saks while the triple points promo was going on...

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  8. Beautiful!!!

    Congrats -SB
    Bag twins on the GHW WOC!
  9. Congrats on such beautiful purchases! Great classic choices.
  10. And a group shot (well, as "group shot" as two bags can be, haha) :smile:

    Thank you all for letting me share!

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  11. Thank you! I actually love how it's so small and forces me to think about what I really need to carry with me... otherwise I tend to start dumping everything into my purse and end up having to clean them out months later.

    Thanks! :biggrin: I feel like the black WOC is a pretty common bag, but I am still so happy to have mine!

    Thank you so much, SB! Hope that you are enjoying your WOC as well :smile:

    Thank you! I am a little worried about color transfer on my beige flap, but I really wanted a light color flap, so I hope it will be worth it!
  12. Beautiful, congrats
  13. Gorgeous classics! Congrats!
  14. Now a quick question for all of you Chanel experts out there -- upon closer inspection, is this bag slightly lopsided, or am I just overthinking it? While taking pictures, it almost looked like the front flap didn't curve equally on both sides, but maybe this is natural and happens often?

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  15. Grats