First reveal ever - most successful outlet haul to-date.

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  1. I've never done a reveal before but am too excited about these purchases, so just had to share with ppl who I knew would understand.

    Before I went to the outlet yesterday, I had already decided that I would like to pick up another Candace and large clutch, preferably a black Candace and a neutral clutch. When I got to the Burlington outlet, I made a bee-line to the deletes and found a watermelon Candace and picked that up, narrowed in on a light khaki clutch and picked that up. Turned around and BOOM, face to face with the squash bleeker, an item that I had been wishing for since I saw them at FP and thought that personally finding one myself at the outlets would be something left in my dreams as I'm never that lucky. Definitely picked that up. After my initial radar eyes, I stepped back and took a carful look and came across the one and only black Candace that they had there - the sole reason why I made that long trip there in the first place. Grabbed that and the greedy side of me wanted to keep the watermelon too but alas.. I did however also picked up an unexpected beauty, the plume colorblock Madison Sadie - something I enjoyed looking at but never thought to try since I'm very much a satchel and tote kind of girl - top handles give me problems but I did some testing and it seemed bearable and just too pretty to pass up so I got that too!

    This is my most successful outlet haul, having actually acquiring all the items that I was looking for in all my color criteria.

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  2. Congrats on a great haul
  3. Awesome. My kinda colors too! Thanks for the pics; I like them alot, especially the black Candace.
  4. Great haul. Congrats and enjoy!
  5. That's one awesome haul!! Congrats! Love it all!
  6. Great haul, absolutely love the blue Sadie! (I am bias to blue) :biggrin:
  7. Awesome haul. :tup: Congrats on your finds.
  8. Great scores, congrats!
  9. Love it! Love the colors! You have a bag for every occasion there
  10. Beautiful! I love them all, especially that squash tote.
  11. Great finds! Congrats!
  12. Great haul, all excellent items. Congrats.
  13. Amazing haul!! Congrats for all the beauties you got!
  14. Nice!!!
  15. Great haul! Congrats!