First Reveal - Cervo "Baseball" Hobo!

  1. Hello!

    I usually lurk here and ogle everyone else's fabulous BV's, but I recently gifted myself the most wonderful handbag I've ever had and I just had to share.

    I'd like to introduce you all to my newest addition, an ebano cervo "baseball" hobo. I superlove her. :biggrin: I tried one on in the Chicago BV store last summer, and I've tried them in Nieman and decided it was time to end the torture and just get one!

    So I ordered online from Neiman and when I opened the box I was amazed by what was inside. This is THE softest, smooshiest, chewiest, most wonderful bag ever. I took a peek at the tag and it says that it's a 2006. I suppose I was surprised by the soft feel because I've been trying on washed cervo and this is the original cervo baseball hobo? I didn't consider the possibility that I wouldn't be getting a 2011ish, but if the 2006 is what's getting me this overly lovely leather, I'm not complaining.

    And here she is... my absolute most favorite bag of all time. :love: The 3rd picture was taken indoors for color comparison.

    Thanks for letting me share!
    6893949010_387105249f_z.jpg 7040047989_c024149e95.jpg 6894049060_e9678f7ffb_c.jpg
  2. Congrats, and trust me - all of the Cervo hobo leather is divine - Cervo (deerskin) became my favorite leather ever when I bought my first Cervo hobo last year. I now have four of them, so just know this will not be your last... I love Ebano! Great choice!
  3. Thanks, indiaink! This is my first experience with cervo and I'm looking forward to breaking it in this summer! Gosh, I can't even imagine the leather getting better but knowing BV and what I've read on here, it will!
  4. This is my absolute favorite BV bag! Enjoy!
  5. Very nice!!
  6. You are going to love this bag and will have one in every color before you know it
    so soft and squishy
    wear it in good health
  7. Thank you, kroquet and krawford! I feel like I've joined a special cervo club. :cool: I love it!

    septembersiren, I'm already looking at the fire color and saying to myself, "wouldn't that one be fun for a Cardinals baseball game!" haha... these are dangerous!
  8. Hi PeonyPlum,
    Congrats and enjoy your BV ebano cervo hobo. This is my absolute favorite BV style. I have two cervo hobos - Ossidato Rame from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection and Fever from the Cruise/Resort 2010 collection. This bag holds a lot and is so amazingly soft and comfy to carry. My latest BV acquisitions have been other styles (nero large Belly 2011 and Violet lambskin satchel 2012). I'm waiting to see what Mr. Maier has to offer for fall in the hobo line up and am saving my pennies. The runway pix look very exciting for a new twist on the hobo. You are now officially a BVette!!!
  9. congrats on the hobo...
  10. That truly is a wonderful bag to wear!
  11. Beautiful! I've been strictly an LV girl the past 8 years but very recently I've been checking into BV and stalking the various posts and pics. I went to Neiman Marcus yesterday and saw this lovely bag in person! So buttery soft and luxurious! Congrats!!
  12. Beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!
  13. Fabulous! Enjoy!
  14. Thank you all for the kind words! The cervo really is unlike any leather I've felt before. So thick, smooshy, and soft.

    I love that I bought this purse after really liking the ones I tried on, and yet I was still blown away when I opened the box. Well done, BV. :smile:

    Now I just need to get over my terror of taking her out in the rain. I've read posts about how awesome the deerskin is, and not to sweat bringing her along on rainy days. I just need to get out there and prove it to myself!
  15. Congratulations on a winner bag! As far as the rain thing goes, I don't own the cervo but I own the lambskin nappa, and have been caught in the rain and not affected. I wouldn't go out of my way to wear it when knowing it will downpour, but if you get caught don't sweat it 'cause BV leather is a lot stronger than people realize and this is coming from a leather lover who wears her bags in all weather!