First reveal and a Question

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  1. Hello :smile: I'm finally a Louboutin lady too. I had the best assistant at the Geneva store who made the experience so fabulous and fun! I chose to play it safe and got the black vernis Pigalle in the 100mm. I'm so excited about this one and I already sense an addiction coming up :graucho:

    On another note I was given the extra heel tips pictured. They seem to be much smaller than then actual pigalle's tip and aren't black. Is this normal or was I given wrong ones perhaps?

    Wish you a Happy Easter xx

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  2. They're lovely, congratulations!! It looks like you got the wrong heel tips.
  3. Thank you so much :smile: I'll inform the store x
  4. Pretty pair, congrats! Yes, these tips are definitely from another pair and different color (nude).
  5. Congrats! They are lovely! ;)
  6. Congrats! Love your pigalles!! the heel tips are definitely wrong, the colour is different.
  7. thank you so much for your input too :smile: I'm trying to have them exchanged
  8. Congratulations on your first pair of Loubs!:yahoo: I love firsts!, and seconds, and thirds:roflmfao: All my Loub purchases I remember because it's a special shoe. I love them and you will feel fabulous wearing them.