First return/exchange EVER with LV...

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  1. Sorry for the long post, but I was just reading a thread: And it reminded me that I wanted to share a about my first return/exchange EVER with LV.

    Some of you may remember that I had purchased the poche toilette 26, 2 weeks ago. I was sooo excited and I posted pics immediately as I had thought (and still do believe) that it's just an amazing sized bag.

    But afterwards I started to take a much closer look at the bag and I soon discovered a couple of defects that (for the first time!) I wasn't sure if I could live with. But since it was such an affordable item and I decided to hang on to it and see how I felt about the defects over the next few days.

    One defect was right on the canvas - there were 2 sort of miniscule air pocket holes below an odd white dot. And the second was at the base joint - where the canvas met at the bottom of the bag the coiled fabric was sticking out and did not connect with the other part of the bag.

    Surprisingly, I could have lived with just the joint problem - although it was irritating and I only envisioned it getting worse over the years (as the part that stuck out a bit would eventually start to crack and fray as it came into contact with other items).

    But the white dot (that really wasn't noticeable at first glance) started to REALLY aggravate me. And whenever I looked at the bag I realized that I'd always see that white dot and the 2 little holes first and never just a makeup bag - even with that huge expanse of brown mono canvas!

    So I ended up packing up the bag and taking it back to the boutique. I felt terrible about doing it though, as it is just a cosmetic bag and would eventually be broken in. But I think what really bothered me was the fact that I wasn't the one who broke it in (for a new bag) and of course that white dot and those 2 little holes. Just couldn't look at the bag without seeing them!

    Fortunately, the SA was TOTALLY AMAZING. And TOTALLY understood where I was coming from, she even said that if I wasn't happy with the bag (as I had told her how silly I felt returning it for such a small defect) then I should of course get something that makes me completely happy and satisfied! She found a replacement for me and the new bag was and has been perfect!:heart:

    I still worry that I was being too crazy about the defects, but I am so much happier now with the new bag. And have been able to use it without seeing those dots! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Here's some pics (sorry my pic taking skills suck)...

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  2. i don't blame you for taking it back.......those flaws were making you insane did the right thing and thank gawd the SA was so helpful :smile:
  3. Thanks mimi-ann! You're right! Those flaws were making me insane. :yes:

    I'm so much happier now with the new poche toilette!
  4. Glad it was a worry free transaction for you.
  5. Glad you felt much better now and your SA must be a sweet and understanding person! :tup:

    I wanted a cosmetic bag too. But for the price of it, I've always end up getting something elso that caught my eye.
  6. The most important thing here is that you are now happy with the exchange. I personally think that white spot was glue that LV uses when constructing the toilette bags. Actually that corner defect would have bothered me too. You were right to take it back, and I totally understand when one buys a new bag they want a perfect one, any defects tolerated would be those caused by the customer certainly not the factory.