First Rebecca Minkoff Purchase leaves much to be desired...

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  1. Hello Everyone! Let me start off by saying that I usually shop Coach and Michael Kors but due to my need for a smaller cross body bag, I decided to purchase my very first Rebecca Minkoff Mac.

    I ordered a Minty Mac through amazon July 16th and it was shipped directly from Zappos. It came brand spanking new..everything was covered down to the tassels. First thing I did was condition it with apple leather conditioner. Fast forward two weeks and I notice a beige spot on the back corner of the bag. My first thought is that I got something on it so I apply some apple conditioner and try to gently rub it off. The "stain" grows bigger. To my shock, it's the color rubbing right off. I now notice other parts of the bag are showing the same wear.

    I contact Amazon and their awesome customer service team sent me a replacement which I received today and once again it is from zappos and brand new but all of the feet and the lobster claw have corrosion all over it. Now I am awaiting another replacement and hoping it arrives in an acceptable condition.

    I LOVE the bag...the style and the functionality but this was a terrible first impression for me and makes me not want to purchase from her again. None of my Coach or MK bags show this much wear and I have used them all heavily throughout many years.

    Should I just chalk this up to bad luck or has the quality of her bags really diminished this much since production has gone overseas?

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to my rant. I've also included pictures of the bag.

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  2. many members have reported this issue recently. it looks there's a serious quality issue of her bags in the recent production. it also looks like they 'painted' the bags on the leather dyed in another color. it's unacceptable and this definitely keeps me off the brand.
  3. That's unfortunate KaseyHK because the bags are stylish and functional but I don't want to have to continue dealing with exchanges or returns and from what I read in the other thread, dealing with their customer service for repairs can be a nightmare in itself. :nogood:
  4. I'm so sorry that this unfortunate situation has happened to you! Wow it really supports my theory that they were using paint on the bags. Another TPFer had a problem with her neon pink mini mac and the problems were similar to yours. I told her it looked like the bag was painted on and this really looks like it was painted! Horrible! Especially for the price it's being sold for!
  5. Rockstarmish, I said the same thing to my boyfriend! It's as if they painted the color on!! I have never seen anything like it. It's shameful if that is the case. This makes me think I will continue to have the same problem with this color bag despite how many replacements I receive.
  6. Desirella, I feel you. I have a mini zip in hot red that the leather seems to be sticky lately like how paint would be on leather. So I used Apple Garde rain and stain repellent on it but it's still the same. It might peel soon, I'm hoping not. A lot of bags that were released this year have had these problems, but yours is by far the worse I've seen! The color just completely came off and Apple moisturizer isn't as strong as the cleaner and this is already what happened! If your next replacement still has this problem, I would demand for a full refund and find the mint color from last season. I have one from last year and I've cleaned it and it's dyed, plus in my opinion the mint of last year is a better color than the Minty. Hope your next bag is the one. Don't shy away from RM because she has such great designs but this year seems to be unlucky, try looking for bags of RM from previous years, you will see that they are better in quality even if pre-owned :smile: :hugs:
  7. atrocious!
    so off putting since I am in Australia and don't have the luxury to do returns (without paying the approx $40 shipping fee to the us!)
    hopefully the next one will be better
  8. Ah sorry this happened to you. How lazy of them to just paint the bag! I am so over RM myself
  9. Same here! I'm in the Philippines and cannot even think of returning items!
  10. Amazon has excellent return policy. if the fault or damage or defect is not done by the customer, they are willing to pay for the return shipping even for international orders. just talk to their CS rep. they are very helpful.
  11. I have 3 mini Macs. One had this issue too. It got color transfer from jeans so I used a wet towel to wipe the bag. The color did come off but a corner was chipped like your bag. I understand it is not the smartest idea to wipe a bag with a wet towel, but the way the leather peeled looked just like the color was painted on.

    On the other hand, my minty perforated has no problem at all and is made of the creamiest softest leather! I think the quality of RM bags varies. Just have to be careful about the online purchases because you can't examine the bag in person!
  12. I have the Mint MAC but with the blue/black small polka dots lining. Hubby bought it for me just this May from NR in Lakewood Center, LA. I have conditioned it twice already and the color has not rubbed off. The leather has been broken in already (been using it a lot lately even if it's raining) and I'm loving the suppleness of the leather now even more.

    I hope you'll get a good replacement. At least give RM one more chance :smile: And just like rockstarmish said, try looking for RM bags from the previous years (I think my Mint MAC was not from the current season). Good luck! :smile:
  13. Thank you for all the kind replies. I won't give up hope yet. I'll take the advice and wait for next seasons bags to see if the quality is better or purchase previous seasons. As for amazon, since I have been a prime member for almost 10 years, they provide excellent customer service so I know if I continue to have problems, they will take care of me.

    I hope the replacement won't have the same problem because I absolutely adore this bag and the color. I have been eyeing the pale pink MAC that I saw at Nordstroms and fell in love with so that may be a future purchase.
  14. Wow. This is such bad news! I been wanting to buy a minty mac from zappos but now I really must reconsider. :/

    I was already put off by the tassels showing beige on one side instead all around minty.