First real life RM Sighting! Was it you?

  1. Saw a girl last night at Planet Granite Sunnyvale with a small white studded Affair with silver hardware.
  2. Spotted an Asian lady today at the corner of Taylor/Chestnut/Columbus with an almond/tan MAM... A more recent one with the newer zipper pulls. I said hello, haha. Was carrying my BQP MAC.
  3. Spotted a girl today at the corner of Stockton and Sutter with a brown MAM worn crossbody.
  4. Hey, Im visiting Orlando for two weeks in August, the main thing im looking to purchase is a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag, in the colour Almond. Does anyone live in the Florida area and could tell me the best places to look and also if anyone has seen the bag in Almond? Thanks!
  5. Spotted a young Asian lady at Nordstrom Rack in Las Vegas yesterday evening with her pretty black MAC w/gold hw. She was checking out the RM bags there but didn't buy anything, neither did I.
  6. 2 sightings this weekend.

    one at the british ambassador's residence on friday evening for the olympic ceremony viewing on a blonde woman.

    one sunday in clarendon around 1 pm on a brunette. a red mini mac.
  7. Spotted a girl this morning on Sutter with a brown 5-zip MAC with gold hardware.
  8. I was in Seattle for a few days and had my first RM sightings! I saw a light grey MAC near the Starbucks downtown and an orange/red cupid at Woodland Park Zoo.
  9. Spotted a blonde lady yesterday on Fisherman's Wharf with a black MAM, antiqued gold hardware and blue zipper track.
  10. Looking at a lady with a blue mini MAC and antiqued silver hardware at the Codmother Fish & Chips right now!
  11. Valley View Mall in Roanoke, VA today, a brunette in a cute dress with what looked to be an olive color mini Nikki!
  12. Young lady with a burgundy dress and dark green mam with gold hw and black and white floral lining was sitting in sbarros on the corner of 33 and 7th ave and then got on the bolt bus with me to Washington dc. I was wearing a neon pink blouse and my mbymj faridah, but my 5 zip Mac and pouches were inside ;)
  13. A woman with a dark green Nikki (couldn't tell what size) at the Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown tonight!
  14. RM sightings are so rare for me, I was excited to see one! Some shade of orange/tangerine/persimmon MAC with gold or brass hardware spotted this past weekend in Norwalk at the Summit Race track. I didn't have my MAM on me, she was in the truck.
  15. Young lady exiting subway at Murray street wearing a dark purple dress and a tan(luggage?) Nikki with pink piping!!!!! It was Gorgeous! I was going to stop you to pay you the compliment but you bolted up those steps and high tailed it towards west broadway. I was wearing my gray matinee.