First real life RM Sighting! Was it you?

  1. Have any of you guys ever approached someone because they were carrying an RM bag?? If so, share your stories!

    This is what happened to me today in downtown TORONTO:

    So I was sitting in the office of my dermatologist, mindlessly flipping through a magazine, and in walks this girl with a GORGEOUS PURPLE NIKKI. I've never seen anyone with a RM here before, so imagine my complete shock! All I could do was ogle at her bag, while contemplating if I should say something to her...I decided against it because it was dead silent in the waiting room and I didn't want to appear as a total creep. :sweatdrop:

    I couldn't help but wonder if she was a tPF member, ARE YOU? This was at Dr.Goldhar's office at York/Adelaide, at around 2-3pm. Wouldn't it be so crazy if this was someone on the forum? :nuts: If it's you, please say hi!
  2. :goodpost:This would be a great idea for a general sticky if we have enough sightings. I have not seen any RM bags in the small town I live in except my own, but that would be so neat if we had some pf RM spotting:woohoo:
  3. I have an interesting story. amjac2wm and I actually work for the same company. When she posted her meet and greet pics with Rebecca Minkoff I recognized her and PMd her. What a small world!

    I hope you find the mystery purple Nikki!
  4. I just bought my first RM bag last week (the Steady bag in Dusty Silver) and I absolutely love it! I have not seen anyone else with any of her bags around town, but if I did I would definitely approach them!
  5. I have never seen anyone where I live carrying an RM, but I def. would approach them to compliment them if I saw one. It would def. be a shocker though cause there isn't a single store in Columbus that carries RM IRL. :sad:
  6. Definitely approach them!! I've never seen anyone with RM, but if I see people around the city with bal bags I *always* say hi. (And have people thinking i'm weird, but hey what are the chances i'll see them again?)
  7. I live in Tampa and saw a woman at International Mall with a fuschia/gold Lex and it was the first RM I had seen in real life. I approached her and asked her all about it and then I asked her if I could touch it! It was a little akward but she was really nice about it and let me touch it. By the way, the Lex doesn't get much talk, but it is really cute.
  8. :goodpost: I don't know if I have enough gumption to go up to anyone, but I would be squealing on the inside! :yes:
  9. i've seen a 5 RM bags in the past 2 months and I said hello and complimented their bags.
    4 in Los Angeles
    1 in Atlanta
  10. How fun! I have only seen RM bags near me twice over the past year that I have been interested in the bags. They don't sell them around here in the stores (San Francisco) so I am guessing both were TPFers. Next time I see someone with one I am going to ask her if she is on TPF! :biggrin:
  11. The one in Atlanta wasn't a Grey MAM was it? If so it was me! :supacool:
  12. I've never seen a RM in DC. When I was in NYC, I saw the limited edition patent blue Morning After tote that LunaBoston offered. But that's it!
  13. I am in Northern VA (DC Area) and have not seen any yet IRL besides my own.
  14. So adorable, that Lex does not look much like a talker but boy is she big on looks!:upsidedown:

  15. i am going to come say hi to you at the ss, dee! are you going to be there at 7?