First purchases of 2008! *pics*

  1. Not just my first purchases of 2008 but also, my first 2 pairs of sunnies from Chanel! Finallyyyy. I've never been able to get any Chanel sunnies - my face's small and cheek bones are too high so they never fit me perfectly. I cannot tell you how excited I was when my SA called me to tell me the Cruise sunnies I wait listed for arrived last night! I couldn't sleep the entire night b/c it was NY's countdown and also, I had a late supper as well as the Chanel anticipation (happened when I knew I was gonna get the reissue) so I'm typing all these with heavy eyelids lol.

    The sunnies I've got are from Cruise '08C and a pair from '00V (which is just released as well but I was told by my SA that they are seasonal? 00V means classic, no?) that is similar to '07P s5018 Nicole Richie / Olsen sunnies, but less trendy with no funny gradient lens and legs, though still funky and fun looking. :graucho:

    The Cruise ones are so cute! I got them in salmon pink b/c they seduced me the most among the 3 colors IMO. At first I wanted both salmon pink and the white ones (both the same design but in diff colors) but decided against the white ones when I tried on the round sunnies b/c they just fit so well and look too cute (and also slightly cheaper) so I couldn't resist! Plus it's a substitute for missing out the spring ones last year! :girlsigh:

    i have never posted my face here and i'm shy hehe. i barely wear make up so please bear with my face lol. i just had to model them to justify their true beauty :angel:


    '00V classic round sunnies



    new Cruise sunnies! i did a kooky pout to go with the funky sunnies lol. it looks retro with a little rayban feel, don't you think?
  2. Friend...both ur sunnies are so H-O-T!! U look fabulous on them....Congrats for a brand year!!
  3. omg you are toooooooo cute c~:love:
    the sunnies look great but I'm sure you already knew that ;)
    congrats on the first purchase of 2008!

    PS. Happy New Year!
  4. They are sooo cute. I love the round ones! Congrats!
  5. Hi GF! You look great in them. Glad you didn't get them in the same design. I almost thought you did when you called me. Congrats!!
  6. They are both very cute and you look adorable in them!
  7. You look so fabulous in your new eyewear. Thanks for jumping the hurdle and modeling them!! Like both sunnies equally. Good choice in getting two different styles.

    Glad to hear I'm not alone in drifting off to sleep or waking with Chanel on my mind. (Am beginning to think Chanelitis is an acute, chronic disease with no permanent cure.)
  8. Congrats, they are cute! :smile:
  9. Love that second pair...are they readily available now? How much were they?
  10. I like both on you but I think the first pair is my favorites!
  11. Sunnies...ah...great...I like the round ones....

  12. Those are great sunnies and yes I concur that the second pair have a Rayban feel!

    BTW - You're adorable!!!!
  13. LOVE them, esp. the 2nd pair and your face is too cute!
  14. ^ phew!! thanks! i was beginning to think i made a wrong choice on the 2nd pair! everyone seems to like the round ones better and i thought both are equally cute lol
  15. Tres cute! You and the sunnies...especially the first one.