First purchase of the year! Reveal time!!

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  1. Congrats, such a cute feminine bag. Enjoy!
  2. Good choice of color👍👍👍
  3. At first I thought it would be way too mature but then... BOOM!!! It's really nice and striking! Good choice. Love it.
  4. Not yet a real purchase, but I reserved a keepall 45 in Damier Cobalt! So excited, can't wait to bring home the sister to my keepall 50 in Monogram!
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!! So jelly of your legs!!! You are rocking that bag!! I love your boots too! Everything! Congrats!!
  6. love the bag
    ... and the outfit
    congrats :smile:
  7. It's beautiful! And I love the size. Perfect proportions! :love eyes: Enjoy using it!

  8. Beautiful! Love the Alma bb! She's my fav out of all LVs out right now!
  9. nice.modeling pics. it looks fabulous on u. and i like the.crossbody style......

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  10. Thanks everyone! Didn't get a chance to come back and reply over the weekend, but reading your comments made my Monday morning so much happier! Haha

    :hugs::shame: Thank you!! Got the boots recently with the Stuart Weitzman sales here in Canada. They are such leg slimmers! Hahaha :biggrin:
  11. Thanks!! I was originally going for the pm size, but after comparing the two sizes in person, bb was definitely the way to go for me. It's small, yet enough to fit all the essentials, plus so easy to wear!! I love the cross body especially, that was a major consideration in getting her. :biggrin:
  12. Gorgeous!! Love the color!! Congrats!!
  13. Stunning:smile: congrats
  14. what a cutie!!! love the color😍
  15. So pretty! Congrats!!! :smile: