First purchase of the year! Reveal time!!

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  1. I have been thinking about this purchase for a while now. So so so glad to finally bring it home with me 2 days ago!! Didn't have time to take pictures on the day of, and since the bag and box have been put away, let's just skip those photos. :p

    Any guesses? :biggrin:
    Photo 1-30-2014, 7 02 25 PM.jpg
  2. Maybe a Speedy?
  3. I'm guessing Speedy too.
  4. My guess is Speedy too - let's see!
  5. Good guess! But this oughta give out the answer... ;)
    Photo 1-30-2014, 7 02 48 PM.jpg
  6. Alma bb!!
  7. Now I'm with the poster above. :lol: I love the color. :hbeat:
  8. Alma bb in Vernis!!! RI
  9. alma bb?
  10. Yes! Miss Alma BB in Rose Indian!

    I fell in love with this colour when I saw pictures of it online, but when reading reviews on this color, many people commented on the lack of shimmer. I was then torn between this and the pomme d'amour. But seeing the two colours side by side in person, rose indian still won my heart. I like how the shade of pinkness changes under different lighting. :love: Ahhh, can't stop staring at it! :lol:
    Photo 1-30-2014, 7 03 16 PM.jpg
  11. Sooooo beautiful. Congrats
  12. Amazing bag, so excited for you!
  13. Thank you!!

    Here are a few modelling shots! Can't wait for spring and summer to come :woot::woohoo:
    Photo 1-30-2014, 7 08 57 PM.jpg
  14. Congrats! She's beautiful.
  15. You are rocking that bag!! Congratulations girl!