First purchase... I need some help!

  1. I want a Louis... no, let me correct that... I NEED a Louis!!! My question is this... how do I start off my collection? I'd like to buy one around September or so.

    My Wishlist

    Small Leather Goods
    ~Framboise Vernis Ludlow Wallet
    ~Multicolore mini iPod Cover
    ~Multicolore Wapity Case

    ~Multicolore Pochette Accessoiries
    ~Framboise Vernis Reade PM

    I love the white Multicolore; I don't really care for the black. The epi line is pretty; Suhali is too expensive for me right now. The Monogram Canvas line is okay- not my favorite, but it's fine. I do NOT like the Damier line. I like girly handbags and accessoiries, that's why I'm drawn to the MC and vernis. The Antigua line is also nice.

    If I were to buy from the Monogram Canvas line, it would likely be of the following.

    ~Pochette Accessoiries
    ~Speedy 25
    ~Mini Pochette

    Any ideas where to start, girls? My mind is swirling right now!!!

    Help is appreciated. :nuts:

    ~Miss Juicy Couture~
  2. As you seem to prefer colorful bags, I'd vote for the MC Pochette.
  3. I'd go with the MC pochette or the Speedy. My first LV was a Recital and I love it, especially as it has the raspberry lining. It is very girly and sweet so you might want to look at that one as well. :biggrin: With that said I am now wanting a bigger LV like a Speedy or a Jasmin for my 2nd!
  4. Well...I think I'd start with an antigua and an accessory or a speedy and an accessory. Both the antigua and speedy are priced reasonably that you could buy a small matching accessory.
  5. My vote is for a white Multicolore Wapity Case :biggrin:
  6. It depends what your budget is - I started with a pochette in Monogram and adored it. Then I got a large Noe, (sold) Elipse (still have), Large Musette (still have) and small croissant (still have). I drift from LV to Chloe and am still in my Chloe phase
  7. I vote for a Speedy 25 or a pouchette as your 1st purchase. The way I see it, why not buy a bag instead of an accessory as your first LV? Then you can slowly stock up on the other accessories later.
  8. I vote for Speedy 25 - GREAT BAG for the $$$!
  9. i also agree with the speedy 25..its a classic..which you wont get tired of
  10. Speedy 25... will NEVER go out of style. ;)
  11. Start with a Speedy. =)
  12. Go with a bag rather than an accessory. I say, MC Pochette. It's so handy, you could later get a Speedy and throw it in there. Any pochette is essential. But it's similar in price to a Speedy 25. Decide if you like a handbag (Speedy) or one that can be worn on the shoulder/in hand (Pochette).
    Good luck.
  13. for a 1st LV, go for the pochette accessories.
    in the MC or the canvas depending on your budget

    its a very practical and versatile bag
  14. I think the Speedy would be the best, but if you really have your heart set on a MC piece, go with the pochette or the Wapity.
  15. i bought the ipod case (original when it first came out), as my first lv piece ive regretted it since, as much as i love it i barely get any use from it at all, and im always sad when i think that was the first thing i ever bought from lv, i really didnt think it through i mean i walked in and bought it in 5 mins! and that ladies and gentlemen is how i lost my lv virginity :sad: so to a fellow virgin save up and get soemthing decent that you cna be really pround of and have fond memories of in the future! its what will you will imeadiately think of when anyone says lv so make it a happy thought!!