First Purchase From HGBags

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  1. I just took the plunge and bought my first Bal bag from Erica...I got the Cassis City in the regular brass hardware for roughly $1100. They were having a sale and I just couldn't pass it up! Now I'm nervous!

    I take it that everyone in here has had a great experience with, yes? :shame:
  2. Dont be nervous - you will get the bag quickly and it will be authentic. Many, many people on this forum have bought from her. I have several bags from her.
  3. Congrats on your 1st Bal purchase! I've had many pleasant transactions with Erica! I'm sure you will be pleased.
  4. Thank you ladies! I'm just a worrywart! lol. I also didn't get charged tax which was awesome.
  5. It's HERE! The UPS guy came unusually early today and I was so excited to open that box. The minute I opened the dust bag, that familiar Bal leather smell hit me and I was in bag heaven! lol. I posted authentication pix and Redskater just gave it a thumbs up. Modeling pix to follow! ;)
  6. Congrats! What did you think about your decision? I also got the cassis but in mrggh and waiting impatiently for it to arrive! I also hope I made the right decision too since this is my first bal purchase. I hope this would be a great fall color. I actually wanted the black but they are sold out of it so maybe I thought cassis would be an alternative. Do model pics for us!
  7. Congrats! Post pics :smile: my very first bal bag purchase was through Erica. She is awesome!
  8. Congrats! I have a Bal and a Chloe from Erica and love both ... looking forward to your pics!
  9. Thanks ladies! I'll be taking some "action shots" in Central Park this week. lol. Will post them up as soon as I edit them! :biggrin:
  10. I LOVE the color! I've always been partial to deep reds so I knew that Cassis was the color for me. It has a slight purple undertone to it in person and the leather is just delish. I'm actually not a big fan of black handbags so I never even considered a black Bal bag even though its their most popular color. I'm sure you'll love Cassis! I can't stop admiring it from across the room! Haha!
  11. I also got the Cassis in RH from HG and I love it!! Smells so good I like to sniff it sometimes ha!
  12. Ditto! lmao! :roflmfao:
  13. I made my first purchase from Erica last week and received my item today. No complaints. :tup:
  14. i also purchased the cassis city from hgbags!! but i missed the postman today :sad: hopefully i can collect it from the post office soon! :smile: do share your pics! :smile:
  15. How is the leather from hgbags? I heard some people got bags with chipped paint in some part of the leather... There's restocking fee to return/ exchange the bag..