First Purchase - City Or Work

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  1. I made my first purchase Sunday at Barney's Dallas - a black City with RH.

    I really planned to buy a Black City with RH but wasn't loving the leathers on the ones they had in stock but saw one City with very smooth almost matte black leather so I bought that one.

    Now a few days later I am having buyers remorse as I am really wondering how often I will use such a big bag.

    I don't commute - I don't carry a laptop or gym clothes - I live in a driving city, etc.

    It's not about the price but I haven't had that "I must use this bag right away" feeling because I think it's too big for my everyday needs.

    Most of my stuff snugly fits in a jumbo Chanel black patent flap which has been my everyday bag as of late.

    Is the City size the most practical and wearable?

    I am thinking I need to take the Work back & exchange.


  2. I think the city would have been my first choice. I understand about changing your mind on the spot though. I am a libran - and the queen of indecision!

    I would go back again - with your bag & receipt and double check the city before using the work... It's a lot of money to spend if you aren't excited about it!
  3. I guess I'm confused about the question posed in your subject line: city or work?
    You're concerned that the city is too big for everyday use but the work is even bigger. ? Is there a typo in your post?
    I'm confused.
  4. ^ i'm confused, too....

    did you get the work and want to exchange it for the city..? i think that's what you mean...

    if the work is too big then definitely go with the city first, you might gradually 'need' a bigger bag in the future...or when you start (if you do that it) collecting, having one of each is always nice
  5. I was (am) thinking the same:P

  6. LOL! I think you mean that you bought the Work but feel like you should get the City instead, yes? (Work is bigger than City) Personally, I love the Work. I never thought I would need such a big bag, but it seems like the bigger the bag is the more stuff you find to throw in it :P I love how I can throw a jumper in it (getting chilly here), an A4 file, a waterbottle and all my other rubbish in. For me the leather is just as important as the colour and the size of the bag. If you can exchange the Work for a City with terrific leather, go for it. If not, I'd hold onto the Work, since it already has leather you like, and hunt down a City when the right one comes along. Just my 2c!
  7. Personally, I would go with the Work because I am definitely partial to bigger bags - and you also mentioned that the bag had such nice leather! But if you feel that it's too big for you to really get much use out of it, then you should definitely return it for a City :yes:!
  8. Yes I meant I got the WORK and think it is too big and that I should ahve gotten the CITY.

    I just can't ever see filling this bag up unles I was traveling.

    Also I noticed that the only thing that came with the bag was the Barney's sales ticket - no Balenciaga card like I see in photos.

    Is this something I would need to be concerned about if I did keep it & one day wanted to sell it?

  9. I second what Jo ee said. If you could find a City in great leather then exchange it.
  10. I have a city and sometimes wish I'd gotten a work, but I try to remind myself that I'd just end up cramming that full too!
  11. I would exchange the Work for the City for your first purchase. It's a great 'medium' sized bag and the strap is really handy. If you find you really need a big bag, you can add a work at that point!
  12. I've found it's really hard to find a black RH city with good leather(leather I like, I should say). I've been waiting for one for a while now. If you're not crazy about the work, is there another color you like you could get in the city? Who is your SA? Mine is awesome and knows what I like so if you can, return it and wait until they get one you like. Yes, you should have gotten Balenciaga cards with it too.
  13. I'm probably one of the few in this forum that's never owned a City ... I really like big bags and I feel like the City is an itty-bitty bag. BUT, if you're not loving it, than you should absolutely exchange it for something you'd enjoy more. The Part Time is in between the City and the Work and is also a nice size and still has the long strap. Have your SA call around to other Barney's ...I know the BH store has several black cities. Good luck!
  14. I would get a city first, having a shoulder strap is nice.
  15. The part time is a great option. I cannot own a bag without a shoulder strap.