First purchase at LV!

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  1. I finally walked out of LV with a purchase... any guesses?

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  2. some clues!

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  3. wilshire in Bleu Nuit? show show show
  4. Show. Show. Show!
  5. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. [​IMG]

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  7. oooh a stole of some sort!
  8. A Reade in Bleu Nuit?
  9. new Leopard Stole?
  10. :woohoo:

    A scarf?
  11. I'm terrible at drawing out reveals--- here she is:


    I've wanted it for months and months but couldn't justify dropping so much on a shawl.... however I finally said screw it and bought it after barney's cancelled my alexander wang bag due to lack of inventory :yahoo::happydance:

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  12. It's stunning! I couldn't justify the price either! But, my dh bought it for me for Xmas! You will love it!

  13. Whoohooo! Congrats!
  14. Lovely! TDF :yahoo:
  15. I know this exact pain! do not worry though because you wont ever regret it and will want to use it alot!!!!! took me so many months and so many other purchases before i just went ahead and said screw turning glad i did it and im sure you will enjoy the heck out of it too!~ congrats....