First PS1 & Pochette query

  1. Today, I became the super delighted owner of my first PS1 in khaki (military?) after over 2 years of lusting :smile: I am over the moon!

    I also have my eye on a small pochette (the small one with the long strap). Can you please let me know whether a kindle would fit in this baby? I cannot go anywhere w/o my books ;)

    Cheers ladies.
  2. Thanks Elliespurse, I knew I was using the wrong style name :/ Proenza newbie ;) hope somebody here has tried to put a kindle in the pouch. It's a make or break question for me.

    So in love with the military colour! Just wondering if people have been able to buy longer straps from PS.

  3. There's a thread here somewhere about buying longer straps, and PS sold those a year or more ago but stopped for some reason. It could be how PS thinks their bags are designed to look/or carried, not sure. If you gets a Pouch then you could perhaps use this strap for both bags :idea: